Respiratory Diseases and Conditions 2

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  1. epiglottitis
    in the acute form, a severe, life-threatening infection of the epiglottis and surrounding area that occurs most commonly in children with a sudden onset of fever, dysphagia, inspiratory stridor and severe respiratory distress
  2. epistaxis, nosebleed
    hemorrhage from the nose
  3. hypoxemia
    • deficiency of oxygen in blood, usually a sign of respiratory impairment
    • low blood oxygen
  4. hypoxia
    deficiency of oxygen in body tissues, usually a sign of respiratory impairment
  5. influenza
    acute, contagious respiratory infection characterized by sudden onset of fever, chills, headache, and muscle pain
  6. lung cancer
    pulmonary malignancy commonly attributed to cigarette smoking
  7. pertussis, whooping cough
    acute infectious disease characterized by a cough with sound like a “whoop”
  8. pleural effusion
    abnormal presence of fluid in the pleural cavity
  9. pneumothorax
    collection of air in the pleural cavity, causing the complete or partial collapse of a lung
  10. sudden infant death syndrome, crib death
    completely unexpected and unexplained death of an apparently well, or virtually well infant
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