Diagnostic, Medical, Surgical Procedures, Pharmacology 2

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  1. pulmonary function tests
    group of tests that measure the capacity of the lungs and volume of air during inhalation and exhalation
  2. spirometry
    common lung function test that measures and records the volume and rate of inhaled an exhaled air and is used to assess pulmonary function by means of a spirometer
  3. endotracheal intubation
    insertion of an endotracheal tube through t mouth or nose into the trachea just above the bronchi to provide air to patient who are unable to breathe on their own because of airway obstruction or respiratory failure; as well as to administer oxygen, medication or anesthesia
  4. postural drainage
    use of body positioning to assist in removal or secretions from specific lobes of the lung, bronchi, or lung cavities
  5. bronchodilators
    increase airflow by dilating constricted airways through relaxation of the smooth muscles that surround the bronchioles and bronchi
  6. corticosteroids
    decrease inflammation in the airways, reducing swelling and mucus production and making breathing easier
  7. nebulized mist treatments (NMT)
    produce a fine spray (nebulizer) to deliver a medication directly into the lungs
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