Licensure, MS (O'Sullivan)

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  1. GH capsular pattern
    greater limitation of ER, followed by abd, than IR
  2. Humeroulnar and humeroradial capsular pattern
    loss of flexion>extension
  3. forearm capsular pattern
    pronation/supination equally restriction
  4. wrist capsular pattern
  5. hip capsular pattern
    limited flex/IR> loss of ext> loss off flexion
  6. tibiofemoral (knee) capsular pattern
    flexion grossly limited, slight limit in ext
  7. talocrural capsular pattern
    loss of PF>DF
  8. Common areas of compression with TOS
    • superior thoracic outlet
    • scalene triangle
    • between clavicle and 1st rib
    • between pec minor and thoracic wall
  9. Motion and indication of speed's test
    • arm flexed 90, supinated, resist shld ext
    • tendinopathy or labral tear
  10. Which tendon is involved with tennis elbow
  11. What structures are affected with golfer's elbow
    FCR and pronator teres tendons
  12. Angle of inclination WNL
  13. What are the 3 structures involved in the unhappy triad
    ACL, MCL, medial meniscus
  14. sns of meniscal injuries
    • knee giving way with walking
    • joint locking
    • knee flexion limitation
  15. what is patella alta, what findings indicate it
    • patella malalignment where it tracks superiorly in femoral intercondylar notch
    • positive "camel back" where two bumps are felt over anterior knee region
  16. what is patella baja
    patella has increased inferior tracking
  17. What positions do you want to avoid with spondylolisthesis
    • extension past neutral
    • otherwise pressure is put on the pars interarticularis
  18. With intervertebral stenosis what positions do you want to avoid
    • ext
    • ipsi SB andĀ ipsi rotation
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