Day 41

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  1. ache
    v. hurt, pain                             아프다
  2. advantageous
    adj. profitable, gainful, beneficial      이로운, 유익한
  3. altitude
    n. elevation, height                      고도

    The climate of the Middle Atlantic varies with the altitude.
  4. antiquity
    n. ancient times                          고대

    Gold has been highly valued throughout antiquity and into modern times.
  5. assist
    v. help, aid                                   돕다
  6. brilliance
    n. radiance, luminosity, brightness    광채

    The degree of brillance of the star Algol changes every two and a half days.
  7. celestial
    adj. heavenly                하늘의, 천체의, 천상의

    There are no sizable celestial bodies between Earth and Mars.
  8. cleave
    • v. 1. split, dissect, rip             (쪼개어)나누다, 찢다
    • To defeat Medusa, Perseus was given a sword by the Greek gods that could cleave stone.

    v. 2. adhere, stick, cohere           고수하다, 결합하다
  9. density
    n. concentration                 농도, 밀도
  10. desperate
    adj. as a last resort, hopeless, critical  필사적인, 절망적인
  11. encourage
    v. cheer up, hearten, motivate, prompt  격려하다
  12. encumber
    v. 1. burden, weight, tax, oppress     (의무, 짐 등을) 지우다

    Heavy land taxes severely encumbered the poor farmers.

    v. 2. hinder, obstruct, impede, hamper  저해하다

    Government regulation can encumber economic growth rates.
  13. enrich
    v. enhance, improve, better, upgrade  (질 가치 등을) 높이다

    Public funding for the arts enriches cultural life.
  14. fade
    v. wane, wither, vanish, wilt      약해지다, 사라지다

    hopes for a peace settlement are beginning to fade.
  15. flee
    v. escape, evade, avoid      피하다, 도망하다

    Although many criminals attempted to flee from Alcatraz Prizon, the island pentientiary was nearly escape-proof.
  16. follow suit
    phr. do the same things                  따라하다

    After its competitors lowered fares, the airline had no choice but to follow suit.
  17. gigantic
    adj. huge, immense, colossal, grand  거대한
  18. hygiene
    n. cleanliness, sanitation               위생

    Proper hygiene plays a vital role in the prevention of disease.
  19. impressive
    adj. striking, moving, stirring           인상적인, 감동적인
  20. instantaneous
    adj. immediate, prompt, swift, split-second  즉각적인
  21. lusty
    adj. vigorous, strong, robust     건장한, 원기왕성한

    Arnold's lusty arm shows that he is in good shape.
  22. mankind
    n. human                                  인류
  23. maturity
    n. adulthood, manhood, majority     성숙(기)
  24. mere
    adj. insignificant                  단지, 대수롭지 않은
  25. modest (2)
    adj. 1. humble, unpretending, decent, proper  겸손한, 예의바른

    adj. 2. small                           많지 않은

    The apartment Janet lives in is a modest one, but it satisfies her needs.
  26. persist
    v. endure, continue, remain, last      지속되다
  27. pile
    v. 1. put together, collect, heap   모으다, 쌓다

    n. 2. heap, stack, accumulation     더미
  28. pristine
    adj. unspoiled, innocent, natural     완전 새것같은, 아주 깨끗한
  29. proficient
    adj. expert, skilled, adept, adroit     숙련된, 능숙한
  30. sacred
    adj. divine, holy                  신성한
  31. scruple
    n. hesitation, uneasiness, qualms    망설임, 양심의 가책

    The man's scruple kept him from taking advantage of the opportunity.
  32. scrupulous
    adj. 1. careful, painstaking, meticulous  세심한, 꼼꼼한

    ajd. 2. honest                              양심적인, 정직한
  33. strike
    v. 1. hit, bombard, assault        치다, 공격하다

    n. 2. walkout, work stoppage    파업
  34. unravel
    v. explain, solve, figure out          해명하다, (뜨개질한 것, 엉클어진 것, 매듭 등을) 풀다

    Hoffman had long studied ancient rocks to unravel the earth's early history.
  35. vulgar
    adj. coarse, mean, rude              저속한, 천박한

    John never talks to a person who is vulgal in manner.
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