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  1. 1. Electroplating uses a ___________ generator.
  2. 2. The total opposition to the flow of
    alternating  current is ______.
  3. 3. 3 phase currents are generally out of phase
    by         ____ degrees.
  4. 4. ____ is the ratio of output to input.
  5. 5. The voltage produce by electromagnetic
    induction        is controlled by __.
    • the
    • number of lines of flux cut per second
  6. Which of the following has the highest dielectric       strength to electrical breakdown?
    • impregnated
    • paper
  7. The greatest voltage drop in a circuit will
    occur       when the ____the current flow
    through that part of       the circuit.
  8. 8. ______ results in loss of electrical energy
    from  the circuit.
  9. Soft iron is most suitable for use in a _______.
    • temporary
    • magnet
  10. As the temperature increases, the resistance
    of         most conductors also increases
    except _______.
  11. Of the six ways of producing emf, which method
    is        used the least?
  12. Resistance in the power formula equals ____.
  13. What is the formula to find watt hours?
  14. In a series circuit when the voltage remains
    constant and the resistance increases, the current _____.
  15. Other factors remaining the same, the effect on
    the current flow in the circuit would cause the         current to ___ if the applied voltage
    was doubled.
  16. A mil is what part of an inch?
  17. A number 12 wire has a diameter of 80.81
    mils.          The cma would be ___.
  18. A substance whose molecules consist of the
    same         kind of atoms is called__.
  19. The electrons in the last orbit of an atom
    are          called___electrons.
  20. A length of wire has a resistance of 6 ohms.
    The        resistance of a wire of the
    same material three         times as long
    and twice the csa will be___ ohms.
  21. The hot resistance of a 100 watt
    incandescent           bulb is about____times
    its cold resistance.
  22. The purpose of load in an electrical circuit
    is         to____.
    • utilize
    • electrical energy
  23. A device for making, breaking, or changing              connections in a circuit under
    load is a____.
  24. What relationship determines the efficiency
    of          electrical equipment?
    • the
    • power output divided by the input
  25. The conductance of a conductor is the ease
    in           which current flows through
    it. It is measured in        ____.
  26. In which of the following would a rheostat
    most         likely not be used?
  27. Nichrome wire having a resistance of 200 ohms
    per        1000 feet is to be used for a
    heater that        requires a total
    resistance of 10 ohms. the        length
    of wire required would be___feet.
  28. A fluorescent light that blink "on" and
    "off"           repeatly may in
    • result
    • in damage to the ballast
  29. Electrical appliances are connected in
    parallel         because it___.
    • makes
    • the operation of appliances independent            of each other
  30. IF 18 resistances each 36 ohms are connected
    in        parallel, the total resistance
    would be ___ ohms.
  31. A negatively charged body has ___.
    • Excess
    • of electrons
  32. A capacitor stores ___.
  33. Electrical appliances are not connected in
    series        because___.
    • appliances
    • have different current rating
  34. A capacitor opposes___.
    • change
    • in voltage
  35. Permanent magnet use___as the magnetic material.
    • hardened
    • steel
  36. The armature current drawn by any DC motor
    is           proportional to the __.
    • voltage
    • applied
  37. A compnonent having no continuity would                have____resistance.
  38. Basically all electric motors operate on
    the            priciple of repulsion or
  39. Generally the maximum ambient temperature
    for           operating Class B motors is___.
    • 40
    • degrees C
  40. The change in direction of light passing  from         
    one area to another of different density is              called___.
  41. An electrician in the industry would first
    check        the____ to correct a low
    power factor.
    • inductive
    • load
  42. Tinning rubber insulated twisted cable is
    done          to___.
    • prevent
    • chemical reactions between the copper and the rubber
  43. Inductance in a circuit______.
    • delays
    • the change current
  44. The AC system is prefered to the DC system        because____.
    • AC
    • voltages can be easily change in magnitude
  45. The breakdown voltage of an insulation
    depends         upon____ value of AC
  46. As the power factor of the circuit is               increased___.
    • reactive
    • power is decreased
  47. For the same rating, the size of a 3 phase motor        will be____ a single phase motor.
    • less
    • than that of
  48. Carbon brushes are used on a commutator       because___.
    • they
    • lubricate and polish
  49. DC series motor are used in applications               where___is required.
    • high
    • starting torque
  50. The voltage per turn of the primary of a               transformer is ____the voltage
    per turn of the          secondary.
    • the
    • same as
  51. A 480/208/120v 3 phase transformer is
    connected         delta-wye. The
    secondary line voltage of the           
    transformer is___in the secondary.
    • greater
    • than the phase voltage
  52. _____equipment or materials to which has been         attached a label, symbol,or other identifying
    mark      of an organization that is
    acceptable to the

    authority having jurisdiction and concerned with        product evaluation that maintains
    periodic              inspection of
    equipment or materials and indicates

    with appropriate standards or             
  53. What is the reason the Code requires each       separate     phase conductor to be located in the       same raceway?
    • to
    • reduce inductive heat
  54. A three phase delta-wye connected
    transformer,       480v primary, 208/120v
    secondary, the secondary line     current
    • equal
    • to the secondary phase current
  55. Circuit breakers shall be marked with a voltage         rating no less than the nominal system
    voltage        that is indicative of
    their capability to        interupt.

      I. fault currents between

      II. fault currents from
    the phase to ground

      III. fault currents
    between the neutral and ground
    • I&II
    • only
  56. The most common type of base used on
    standard          incandescent light
    bulbs of 300 watts or less          
  57. A___of a switch is that part of a switch which
    is       used for the making or breaking
    of a connection       and which is
    electrically insulated from other      
    contact making or breaking parts.
  58. The point of attachment of service drop        conductors to a building or other
    structure shall        in no casse be
    less than ______ feet.
  59. _____of the following is the true statement.

       I. wiring above a nonfire
    rated ceiling shall not be      
    supported by the ceiling support wires

       II. wiring above a fire
    rated ceiling shall not be         
    supported by the ceiling support wires

       III. cables and raceways
    shall not be permitted to be        
    supported by ceiling grids

       IV. the ceiling support
    wires shall be permitted to        
    support branch circuit wiring in accordance if        with the ceiling manufacturer's
    • I,II,III&
    • IV
  60. An insulated ground receptacle shall be                 identified by_____.
    • an
    • orange triangle located on the face of the           receptacle
  61. The speed of the DC motor can be controlled            by____.
    • varying
    • the field current while the armature          
    • current is held constant
  62. If a three-phase, delta-wye transformer bank            having a 480v primary and a
    208/120v secondary,        is considred
    to be 100% efficient,and to have

    resistive-typeloads,the maximum kva of the load       will be___.

      I. equal to the kva of the
    secondary of the              transformer

      II. equal to the primary
    kva of the transformer

      III. considerably less than the kva of the
    • I&II
    • only
  63. Surrounded by a case,housing,fence or walls that       prevent persons from accidentally
    contacting            energized parts
  64. _______means that equipments is not readily            accesible to persons unless special
    means for           access are used.
  65. ________locations are those that are
    hazardous         because of the presence
    of easily ignitable fibers       or
  66. A transformer would most likely have an                efficiency of ____percent.
  67. Where lighting outlets are installed in
    interior       stairways, there shall be
    a wall switch at each         floor level
    to control the lighting outlet where       
    the difference between floor level is____steps or       more
  68. The installation of wiring and equipment for
    fire        alarm systems including all
    circuits contolled          and powered
    by the fire alarm system is covered        
    in article______.
  69. A conducting material that is____charged
    will           have an excess of
  70. When three single phase transformers are               connected in such a way that the
    line current is        equal to the phase
    current this transformer            
    is_____ connected.
  71. _______losses in an iron core transformer
    occur        when materials are used that
    retain a large part        of their
    magnetization after the magnetizing force      
    is removed. These materials are said to have a          high permanence
  72. The difference between a neutral and a
    grounded         circuit conductor is
    • only
    • a neutral carries unbalanced
  73. A piece of electrical equipment that is
    designed       to operate at alternate
    intervals of (1) load and       no load;
    or (2) load and rest; or (3) load, no         
    load, and rest is called____duty.
  74. Insulated conductors of #____or smaller,
    intended        for use as grounded
    conductors of circuits shall        have
    an outer identification of white or natural        gray color.
  75. _____covers and plates shall be permitted with         nonmetallic boxes.

          I. nonmetallic  II. metal
    • either
    • I or II
  76. A light fixture to be installed in a wet location        shall be____.

        I. installed so that
    water will not accumalate in         
    wiring compartments

        II. installed so that
    water will not enter the             
    wiring compartment

        III. marked suitable for
    damped locations
    • I
    • & II only
  77. The general requirements for communication              circuits such as
    telephone,telegraph, outside          
    wiring for fire alarm and burglar alarms is             covered in article____of the NEC.
  78. Thermal protection is required by the NEC             for_____.

         I. fluorescent lighting
    fixture ballast installed          indoors

         II. fluorescent
    lighting fixture ballast installed         

         III. recessed
    incandescent fixtures installed               
    • I&III
    • only
  79. All conductors of the same circuit and, where          used, the grounded conductor and all
    equipment          grounding conductors
    shall be contained within          the

          I. cable  II. raceway 
    III. trench
    • I,II,&
    • III
  80. When a circuit breaker is in the OPEN                   position_______.

       I. you have a short in
    the ungrounded conductor

       II. you have a short in
    the grounded conductor
    • either
    • I or II
  81. An electrical outlet constructed so that
    moisture       will not enter the
    enclosure is classified as          
    being _____.
  82. You have an adjustable trip coil rated at 5
    amps        on a 200-amp switch. If you
    want the switch to         trip at 120
    amps, the trip coil should be set          
  83. After cutting a conduit, to remove the
    rough            edges on both ends, the
    conduit ends should            
  84. One should use an insulated basket grip to attach        a pull line to the conductors because a
    bare            steel grip should not be
    used because it will___.
    • score
    • the conduit during the pull
  85. The instrument used to indicate phase
    relation         between current and
    voltage is the________.
    • power
    • factor meter
  86. Reactance will cause the current in a circuit
    to       vary only when___.
    • AC
    • current flows
  87. Fixtures supported by the framing members of            suspended ceiling systems shall be
    securely            fastened to the
    ceiling framing member by              
    mechanical means.This would include all but which       of the following?
    • fixture
    • wire
  88. With two conductors installed in a conduit,
    the      conduit can be filled to______%
    of its cross          section.
  89. In a residence, no point along the floor line
    in       any wall space may be more than
    _____feet from an        outlet.
  90. Which of the following electrode must be supplemented by an
    additional electrode?
    • metalundergruond
    • water pipe
  91. plaster, drywall or plasterboard surfaces
    that        are broken or incomplete
    shall be repaired so there      will be
    no gaps or open spaces greater          
    than_____inch at the edge of the fitting box.
  92. When making electrical connections a torque screw      driver or wrench is required because

       I. many terminations and
    equipment are marked with a      
    tightening torque

       II. control circuit
    devices with screw-type pressure      
    terminals used with #14 or smaller copper             conductors shall be torqued to a
    minimum of 7           lb-in. unless
    identified for a different torque        

       III. listed or labeled
    equipment shall be installed          and
    used in accordance with any instructions            included in the listing or labeling
    • I,II
    • & III
  93. The SPST switch can control______.
    • one
    • circuit
  94. In the OFF position, a good switch will
    have             ____resistance.
  95. The tool that is used to align vitrified
    tile          conduit in multiple ducts
    is a _____.
  96. A transformer is associated with_____current.
  97. Relay contact are made of
  98. A device that serves to govern, in some             predetermined manner, the electric
    power delivered       to the apparatus to
    which it is connected is           
    called a_______.
  99. conductors drawn from a copper-clad aluminum
    rod       with the copper metallurgically
    bonded to an            aluminum core.
    The copper forms a minimum of           
    ____percent of the csa.
  100. Operation of equipment in excess of normal,        full-load rating, or of a conductor in
    excess of        rated ampacity which,
    when it persists for a            sufficient
    length of time, would cause damage or       
    dangerous overheating is called______.
    • an
    • overload
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