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  1. A fixture that weighs more than ____ pounds
    shall not be supported by the screw shell of a lampholder.
  2. Your foreman asked you to measure the insulation
    resistance of some conductors. To do this you would use a ________.
  3. The main difference between a pipe thread and a
    machine thread is that the pipe thread is ________.
  4. Receptacles in residential wiring are regularly
    connected in _____.
  5. A foreman in charge of a crew of men preparing
    to work on a low voltage tension circuit should caution them to _______.
    • consider
    • the circuit hot at all times
  6. The term pneumatic refers to _____.
  7. What type of fastner would you use to mount a
    box to a hollow tile wall?
    • toggle
    • bolts
  8. If a low resistance is connected in parallel
    with a higher resistance, the combined resistance is ______.
    • always
    • less than the low resistance
  9. .the lubricant used to make pulling wires
    through a conduit easier is _____.
    • powdered
    • soapstone
  10. The instrument by which electric power is
    measured is a ______.
  11. The connection between the grounded circuit
    conductor and the equipment grounding conductor at the service is called ______
  12. The larger the conductor,the ____
    • lower
    • the resistance
  13. A hook on
    the end of a fish tape is not to___
    • protect
    • the end of the wire
  14. When soldering two copper conductors together,
    they are kept clean while heating by___
    • the
    • use of flux
  15. Metal cabinets used for lighting circuits are
    grounded to____
    • reduce
    • shock hazard
  16. In sockets, extension cord is protected by means
    of the ____knot
  17. A branch circuit that supplies a number of
    outlets for lighting and appliances is a ___branch circuit
  18. When three equal resistors are connected in
    parallel, the total resistance is___
    • less
    • than any one resistor
  19. The efficiency of a motor is a measure of____
    • how
    • well it converts electrical energy into mechanical energy
  20. When stripping insulation from an aluminum conductor_____

    I. remove insulation as you would sharpen a pencil

    II. ring the conductor and slip the insulation off the conductor

    III. peel the insulation back and then cut outwards
    • I
    • and III only
  21. The ____angle is the angle between the real
    power and the apparent power
    • power
    • factor
  22. The most heat is created when current flows
    through which of the following?
    • a
    • 10 ohm resistor
  23. 60 cycle frequency travels 180 degrees in how
    many seconds?
  24. The currrent - carrying capacity of conductors
    expressed in amperes is____
  25. The electrician's tapered reamer is used for___
    • reaming
    • the ends of rigid conduit after it is cut
  26. Electricity is sold by the kilowatt which is
  27. Three-way switching does not use the folowing
  28. The greater the number of free electrons the
    better the___of a metal
  29. To cut wiremold you would___
    • use
    • a hacksaw and remove the burr with a file
  30. Electrical contacts are opened or closed when
    the electrical current energizes the coils of a device called a___
  31. A clamp-on ammeter will measure____
    • accurately
    • only when clamped perpendicular to a conductor
  32. When a current leaves its intended path and
    returns to the source bypassing the load the circuit is___
  33. The electric pressure of electromotive force is
    measured by the___
  34. Conduit installed in a concrete slab is considered
    • wet
    • location
  35. It is best as a safety measure, not to use water
    to extinguish electrical equipment fires. The main reason is that water___
    • may
    • transmit shock to the user
  36. The total opposition to current flow in an AC
    circuit is expressed in ohms and is called___
  37. When a person is burned the basic care steps
    • all
    • of these
  38. A good magnetic material is____
  39. Since fuses are rated by an amperage and voltage
    a fuse will work on___
    • AC
    • or DC
  40. A fuse puller is used in replacing___
    • cartridge
    • fuses
  41. A pendant fixture is a____
    • hanging
    • fixture
  42. To fasten an outlet box between the studs in a
    wall constructed of metal lath and plaster, you would use___
    • an
    • approved box hanger
  43. The unit of measurement for electrical
    resistance to current is the___
  44. A low energy power circuit____
    • has
    • its power supplied by transformers and batteries
  45. To convert AC or DC you will use a ____
  46. Action requiring personal intervention for its
  47. A voltmeter is connected in___with the load
  48. The transformer output is measured by____
  49. Which of the following hackswaw blades should be
    used for the best results in cuting EMT
    • 32
    • teeth per inch
  50. So constructed or protected that exposure to the weather will not
    interfere with successful operation is___

    I. weather proof   II.raintightIII.watertight
    • I,II
    • and III
  51. The rating of the largest size regular plug
    fuse is___amperes
  52. A hacksaw with fine teeth used to cut raceways
    is commonly called a____
    tube saw
  53. You shouldn't use a file without a handle because____
    • the
    • user may be injured
  54. The brightness of an incandescent lamp is rated
  55. If the primary winding of a 10 to 1 step down
    transformer has 20,000 turns, the secndary winding should have___turns.
  56. An electron is___
    • the
    • smallest part of an atom with a negative charge
  57. The signals of electrical injury may include___

    I. unconsciousness  II.
    weak,irregular, or absent pulse

    III. dazed, confused behavior
    • I,II
    • and III
  58. This code is intended to be suitable for mandatory application by
    governmental bodies exercising legal jurisdiction over___

    I. electrical installations 
    II. and for use by insurance inspectors
    • both
    • I and II
  59. The name of the tool commonly used for bending
    small size conduit is a ___
  60. When cutting holes in masonry which of the
    following tools is most commonly used
    • star
    • drill
  61. Electrician's diagonal lineman pliers should not
    be used to cut___
    • steel
    • wire
  62. One of the following is the first thing to do
    when a person gets an electric shock and is still in contact with the supply
    • remove
    • the victim from contact by using a dry stick or dry rope
  63. A "mil" measures___
  64. The term " hertz " means___
  65. The difference of electrical potential between
    two conductors of a circuit is the
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