AP Euro Chapter 13 Vocab

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  1. Renaissance
    the revival of art and literature under the influence of classical models in the 14th–16th centuries
  2. Signori
    despots or one-man rulers
  3. Secularism
    not subject to or bound by religious rule
  4. Machiavellian
    ruthless in politics, relating to Machiavelli
  5. Oligarchy
    aristocratic merchants having power
  6. Communes
    associations of free men seeking political and economic independence from local nobles
  7. Humanism
    an outlook or system of thought attaching prime importance to human rather than divine or supernatural matters
  8. Hegemony
    leadership by one group over others
  9. Popolo
    disenfranchised members of communes who were heavily taxed and resented their exclusion from power
  10. Reconquista
    the wars of the northern Christian kingdoms to control the entire Iberian peninsula
  11. Hermandades
    local spanish brotherhoods; groups given authority to act as local police forces and as judicial courts
  12. New monarch(s)
    title given to Louis XI, Henry VII, and Ferdinand and Isabella of Spain by historians for strengthening monarchy
  13. Taille
    tax on land
  14. Gabelle
    tax on salt
  15. Cortes
    spanish parliament
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