AP Euro Chapter 14 Vocab

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  1. Ninety-five Theses
    Martin Luther's demands for reformation in the church
  2. Council of Trent
  3. Predestination
    John Calvin's belief that your life is planned out by God before you are born
  4. Peace of Augsberg
  5. Reformation
    the movement for change in the church to stop abusing their power
  6. Pluralism
    the belief that different religious systems can co-exist in a society
  7. Dissident
    a person who opposes official policy
  8. Sale of indulgences
    the church allowing people to pay money for their sins to be forgotten
  9. Piety
    a belief or point of view that is accepted
  10. Theology
    the study of the nature of God and religious belief
  11. Benefices
    Church offices reserved for lesser clergy members paid for by the Church in exchange for pastoral duties
  12. Absenteeism
    the practice of regularly staying away from work or school without good reason
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