historic ceramics

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    • 16th Century l.g.c.e
    • Sandy but very soft
    • Usually bright olive green with a thick shiny glaze
    • Smeary
    • Can draw with it
    • Gritty
    • Albany Stoneware
    • Luster
    • Dark brown
    • Different color on inside and outside
    • Shiny glass on the inside of the body
    • 19th century
    • St. Johns
    • Chalkish temper distinguishes St. Johns ceramics from other types
    • Red filming has a bright red surface, but the
    • texture is not red – its exactly like St. Johns
    • Ceramics can be either sutted or unsutted
    • Surface description
    •    Plain
    •    Check stamped
    •    Red filmed
    • San Marco
    • Grit & sand tempered
    • Usually fired in an oxidized atmosphere which permits
    • Will be redder than St. Johns
    • None of them have incising
    • Has half-reeds on folded rim
    • Surface description
    •    Plain or Stamped
    •    Some are red-filmed (if one is found record needs to be made)
    • Black or red

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historic ceramics
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historical ceramics
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