Day 42

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  1. account for
    phr. 1. explain, justify, give a reason(for) ~의 이유를 밝히다, 설명하다, 해명하다

    The suspect couldn't account for his whereabouts last night.

    phr. 2. make up, comprise     차지하다

    Coffee exports account for nearly sixty of Ethiopia's gross national income.
  2. adjourn
    v. suspend, postpone, delay, defer    연기하다

    Court was adjourned when the witness suddenly fainted.
  3. adopt
    v. take up, choose, follow           ~을 채택하다, 차용하다
  4. adore
    v. worship, esteem, revere      숭배하다, 존경하다

    Helen adored the singer and would go anything to please him.
  5. artificial
    adj. synthetic                        인위적인, 인조의
  6. attend
    v. wait on, serve               돌보다, 시중들다
  7. band
    n. group, party, troop, squad      집단, 무리
  8. besides
    adv. in addition, as well, moreover    게다가
  9. circumstance
    n. condition, situation                상황
  10. crawl
    v. creep, wriggle, inch                  기어가다
  11. demolish
    v. destroy, wreck             파괴하다, 철거하다

    Bombing demolished much of Tokyo in the Second World War.
  12. endure
    v. survive, suffer, tolerate, persevere  견디다

    Bryan has endured a great many hardships in his life.
  13. enormous
    ajd. immense, vast, huge, tremendous, gigantic                                    거대한
  14. fashionable
    adj. popular, up-to-date, trendy      유행하는
  15. formulate
    v. state, express     (명확히, 체계적으로) 말하다, 진술하다, 만들어 내다

    The speaker formulated his ideas in clear and concise language that the audience understood easily.
  16. hang
    v. dangle, suspend                        매달리다
  17. immobility
    n. absence of motion       부동 상태, 고정, 정지
  18. inflate
    v. bloat, expand, swell              팽창하다

    The hot-air balloon slowly inflated and took off.
  19. interrupt
    v. hinder, stunt, punctuate        가로막다, 중단 시키다

    The TV show was interrupted by a very important news report.            
  20. manipulation
    n. deliberate alteration      조작, 속임수
  21. marvelous
    adj. wonderful, astonishing, amazing, miraculous                        경이로운, 놀랄만한
  22. nevertheless
    adv. still, yet, nonetheless    그럼에도 불구하고
  23. operate
    v. run, function, work                작동하다
  24. outlive
    v. survive, outlast            살아남다, ~보다 더 살다

    Jinny outlived her husband by thirty years.
  25. practicable
    adj. feasible, possible, workable     실행 가능한

    Ray chose the most practicable route to the town.
  26. resist
    v. withstand, confront                 저항하다
  27. risky
    adj. dangerous, hazardous, perilous  위험한
  28. saved
    adj. redeemed, rescued          구원된, 구제된
  29. severe
    adj. 1. harsh, extreme, rigorous, strict, unsparing                      극심한, 가차 없는

    adj. 2. difficult, effortful, tough      어려운, 까다로운
  30. spontaneous
    adj. voluntary, uncompelled, willing   자발적인

    Sarah's successful jump brought a spontaneous cheer from the crowd.
  31. stagger
    v. 1. totter, falter, waver        비틀거리다, 동요하다

    Half drunk, the man staggered towards the door.

    v. 2. astonish, confuse, overwhelm  당황시키다
  32. thriller
    n. suspenseful book/story/movie/play   스릴을 주는 것
  33. toil
    v. work hard, labor, strive      힘들게 (고생스럽게) 일하다

    The student had been toiling away at this assignment all weekend.
  34. touch off
    phr. start, arouse, provoke        야기하다

    The war in the Middle East touched off a panic in the oul markets.
  35. utterly
    adv. completely                  완전히
  36. vacuum
    n. vacancy, emptiness, void             진공, 공허
  37. valid
    adj. just, sound, cogent          타당한, 유효한
  38. withhold
    v. reserve, hold back, restrain         보류하다, 억제하다

    The landlord withheld the payment until the farmers completed the work.
  39. wonder
    n. awe, astonishment, marvel      경이로움, 놀라운 일
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