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  1. Abruptly
  2. Abstinence
    Practice of restraining oneself from indulging in something
  3. Absurd
    Wildly unreasonable, illogical/inappropriate
  4. Adjourn
    Suspended till later
  5. Affirm
  6. Affluent
  7. Agape
    Opening mouth wide open in surprise
  8. Agitate
    Troubling someone/something
  9. Albeit
    Although/Even if
  10. Ambiguous
    Open to more than one interpretation. Unclear/Inexact.
  11. Amorous
    Showing, feeling/ relating to sexual desire
  12. Anachronism
    A thing belonging/appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists
  13. Aqueduct
    Bridge carrying water 
  14. Arbitrary
    Based on a personal whim 
  15. Astute
    Having/showing ability to accurately assess situation/people and turning it to an advantage
  16. Austere
    Severe/Strict in manner/Attitude
  17. Averse
    Having a strong dislike/ Opposition to something
  18. Bearing
    Person's way of standing/moving
  19. Belligerent
    Hostile and aggressive 
  20. Benevolent
    Well-meaning and kind 
  21. Capricious
    Given to sudden and unaccountable change of mood/behaviour  
  22. Chiral
    Asymmetrical in such a way the structure and its mirror image are superimposable
  23. Chronological
    Relating to the establishment of date and time sequence 
  24. Cistern
    Water tank
  25. Citadel
  26. Clandestine
    Kept/done in secret
  27. Cold Light
    • Light accompanied by little/no heat
    • (Luminescence)
  28. Commodity
    Useful/Valuable things
  29. Conceit
    Excessive pride in oneself 
  30. Confer
  31. Conscientious
    Wanting to do what is right
  32. Conspicuous
    Stand out / Attract attention
  33. Contraption
    A machine/ device that appears strange or complex. It can be badly made or unsafe.
  34. Convalescent
    Recovering from medical treatment
  35. Coveted
    Yearn to possess/have (something).
  36. Crevasse
    Deep open crack
  37. Dalliance
    Casual romantic/sexual relationship 
  38. Decrepit
    Worn out or ruin because of age/neglected
  39. Deity
  40. Demeanour
    Outward behaviour/bearing
  41. Desolate
    • (of person):Feeling/showing great unhappiness/loneliness
    • (of place): Bleak emptiness
  42. Detrimental
    Tend to cause harm
  43. Diligent
    Doing work with care and conscientiousness
  44. Discretionary
    Available for use at any time by user
  45. Disposition
    Person’s inherent qualities of mind and character 
  46. Disquiet
    A feeling of anxiety/worry
  47. Distinctive
    Character that allows someone to distinguish something from another
  48. Eccentric
    Unconventional and slightly strange  
  49. Eligible
    Having the right to do something/ satisfying appropriate conditions
  50. Elusive
    Difficult to find, catch/ achieve
  51. Emanate
    Spread out from source
  52. Enmity
    Feeling of being actively opposed to someone/something
  53. Erratic
  54. Exacerbation
    Action to make a problem worse
  55. Exhortation
    An address/ communication emphatically urging someone to do something 
  56. Facet
    One side of something that has many sides
  57. Fathom
    Understand after much thought.
  58. Fawning 
    Giving a servile display of exaggerated flattery/ affection to gain favour
  59. Figurative
  60. Firmament
    Heaven/ Sky
  61. Flamboyant
    Attract attention because of their exuberance, confidence, and stylishness
  62. Flippant
    Not showing a serious/respectful attitude
  63. Forlorn
    (adj.) Pitifully sad and abandoned/lonely  

    (aims/endeavour) unlikely to succeed/be fulfilled
  64. Frenetic
    Fast, energetic and uncontrollable 
  65. Froward
    Person difficult to handle
  66. Haphazard
    Lacking obvious principle of organization
  67. Hedonistic
    Engage in pursuit of pleasure 
  68. Heretic 
    A person holding opinion at odd with what is generally acepted
  69. Impartial
    An unbiased person
  70. Impoverished
    make a person/area poor
  71. Imprudent
    Not showing respect for another person
  72. Incentive
    A thing that motivates/encourages one to do something
  73. Inclination
    Person’s natural tendency/urge to act/feel in a particular way; a disposition 
  74. Incredulous
    Unwilling/unable to believe something
  75. Inelegant
    Lack of grace, elegance, refinement 
  76. Inevitable
  77. Iniquities
    Immoral/ highly unfair
  78. Inkling
    Slight knowledge/suspicion (a hint)
  79. Innuendo
    an oblique remark/hint
  80. Inquire
    Asking for information 
  81. Insolent
    Showing a rude/arrogant lack of respect
  82. Intrigued
    Curious/interest of fascinate 
  83. Introvert
    Shy, reticent and self-centred person 
  84. Jesting
    Speaking/acting in a jokey manor
  85. Judiciary
    The judicial authorities of a country 
  86. Judicious
    Having, showing/done with good judgement/sense
  87. Lackadaisical
    Someone lacking enthusiasm and determination; carelessly lazy
  88. Lenient
    Permissive, merciful, or tolerant
  89. Luminescence
    Producing light from body
  90. Matricide
    Killing ones mother
  91. Meandering
    Following winding course
  92. Meticulous
    Showing great attention 
  93. Myopic
    Short sighted
  94. Nonchalant
    Someone feeling casually calm
  95. Nostalgic
    Unhappy about being away and longing for familiar things or persons
  96. Oblique
    Something slanting 
  97. Obnoxious
    Extremely unpleasant
  98. Ordeal
    Painful experience
  99. Perpetual
    Never ending/changing 
  100. Perturb
    • (ref to person): making them anxious/unsettled
    • (ref to object): to alter its regular state/path
  101. Petulant
    Childish/bad- tempered
  102. Pinnacle
    A high pointed piece of rock
  103. Plausible
    Seems reasonable 
  104. Plethora
    Many (items)
  105. Postulate
    Suggest/assume the existence, fact/truth of something for reasoning, discussion/ belief 
  106. Pout
    Lips being pushed forward as an expression of petulant annoyance/ in order to look attractive
  107. Precocious
    Developing certain abilities at an early age than usual
  108. Predilection
    A preference/special liking for something
  109. Prelude
    Action/ event introducing something more important
  110. Prevaricate
    Speak/act in evasive way 
  111. Probation
    Testing/trail period 
  112. Proficiency
    High degree of competence/skill
  113. Profound
    Very great/intense
  114. Promulgating
    Promote/make widely known (idea/cause)
  115. Provincial
    An inhabitant of a country 
  116. Puritanical
    Having/displaying strict moral attitude towards sex
  117. Rambunctious
    Uncontrollably exuberant; boisterous (noisy, energetic and cheerfully)
  118. Ramparts
    Defensive wall of castle/city, having broad top walkway
  119. Rectification
    To set right
  120. Repudiation
    Rejection of proposal/idea
  121. Reverie
    State of being lost in one's thoughts; a daydream
  122. Ruminate
    Thinking deeply about something
  123. Rupture
    Break/burst suddenly 
  124. Salacious
    Treating sexual matters in an indecent way
  125. Salubrious
    • Health giving; healthy 
    • (of place): pleasant 
  126. Scallywag
    A rascal 
  127. Secede
    To withdraw formally
  128. Sentimental
    Feelings of tenderness, sadness/nostalgia 
  129. Servile
    Having/showing excessive willingness to serve/please others
  130. Shenanigans
    Secret or dishonest activities 
  131. Shrew
    Having/ showing sharp power of judgement
  132. Sobriquet
    Person’s nickname
  133. Solemnity
    The state/quality of being serious and dignified (formal) 
  134. Speckled
    Covered in large number of dots/ patches of colour
  135. Spectral
    Ghost like
  136. Subdue
    (of a person) Quiet and rather reflective/depressed
  137. Subservient
    Prepared to obey others unquestioningly
  138. Succinct
    Briefly/clearly expressed
  139. Superimposed
    Place/lay one thing over another 
  140. Surreptitious
    Kept secret; because it wouldn’t be approved of
  141. Terraced
    Having been formed into a number of level areas resembling a series of steps
  142. Testily
    In a petulant manner
  143. Titan
    Someone with great strength, intellect/ importance
  144. Tryst
    Private romantic rendezvous with/between lovers
  145. Unscrupulous
    Not honest/fair (showing any moral principle)
  146. Vagabond
    A person wondering from place to place without a home/job
  147. Vanguard
    Leading division or military unit
  148. Venture
    A daring journey/undertaking
  149. Viable
    Capable of working successful 
  150. Voluminous
    Occupying/ containing much space
  151. Zenith
    The highest point reached by celestial or object
  152. Exuberance
    Full of energy, excitement and cheerfulness
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