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  1. In 2007,____ of all Americans use
    the Internet
  2. the ability for all makes and models of computers to communicate
  3. a standard format for
    transmitting data on the Internet
    Transmission Control Protocol and Internet Protocol
  4. identifies a site on the
    Domain name
  5. subset or an application that makes use of the Internet
    The World Wide Web
  6. allow computers to communicate with hypertext documents
    Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP)
  7. formatof Web pages
    Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
  8. where users can modify content, participatory Web, blogs, wiki’s, social-networking
    Web 2.0
  9. ¡defines how pages are transmitted
    WebProtocols- HTTP
  10. often referred to as the URL or Uniform Resource Locator
    Web page address
  11. URL
    Uniform Resource Locator
  12. indicates protocol to use
    First part of address
  13. identifies the domain name
    Second part
  14. determines how Web pages are formatted and displayed to users
    Web Protocols- HTML
  15. a text-based link to other documents
  16. often called a link or hyperlink
  17. a text page coded with HTML markup tags
    Web page
  18. computers within a limited geographical area
    local area network
  19. software program that you use to retrieve documents from the Web
  20. first page that is displayed when you start your browser
    home page
  21. makes it easy to search by typing in common term in the address bar
  22. allows you to see a list of sites you visited in the past (20 days default)
    History button
  23. allows you to designate a page as one you want to visit again
  24. provides control over content that can be viewed
    Content Advisor
  25. browser keeps a record of sites visited in the ____
    disk cache
  26. Displays previously visited Web pages
    Address list
  27. Web page that serves as a publicly accessible journal
    blog (short for Web log)
  28. when you can communicate real-time with another user or group of users
    chat room
  29. one of the most popular services in the internet
  30. Internet standard that allows you to download and upload files
    FTP (file transfer protocol)
  31. allows you to communicate real-time with online friends
    Instant messaging
  32. group of people with a shared interest
    mailing list
  33. discussion forum or type of bulletin board dedicated to a topic
  34. allows virtual meetings
    Online conferencing
  35. uses an Internet connection instead of a telephone line
    VoIP (Voice over IP)
  36. search tools
    • Search engines
    • Subject directories
  37. offers both types of searches
  38. software program that lets you search the Internet using keyword
    Search Engine
  39. A descriptive word within the Web development
  40. Also known as crawler
  41. searches the internet for the keywords
  42. continually examining the  websites and finding and looking for
  43. Third part of search engine
  44. Whenthe spider finds a page it feeds the data to the _____
  45. describe the content of a web page and are part of the document  source code
  46. area not displayed when a web page is viewed in a browser
    Meta tags
  47. Two more common meta tags
    • Description
    • Keyword
  48. the number of returns or hyperlinked wed site addresses displayed based on your keyword
  49. Used to find out what keywords are used most often to find products or services
    Word Tracker
  50. When a person uses the keyword in a search, the links in the search results lists appear in order from the highest to lowest bid on the keywords
    “pay-per-click” search engine
  51. The owner of the web site pays the search engine the per click fee when someone clicks the link to the site
    “pay-per-click” search engine
  52. category-oriented search tools
    Specialty Search Engine
  53. Generally focus on a particular topic
    Specialty Search Engine
  54. Used in finding graphics, video clips,
    animation and mp3s
    Multimedia Search Engines
  55. Worlds largest collection of fine
    art and photography
  56. searches major engines at one time
    Meta-Search Engines
  57. Search Engine Tools and Techniques
    • Phrase Searching
    • Search Engine Math
    • Boolean Searching
    • Wildcard Searching
  58. if you want to search for words that
    must appear next to each other
    Phrase Searching
  59. ¡to use this enter the phrases and
    enclosed them with double quotation marks
    Phrase Searching
  60. you can use math symbols to enter a formula to filter out unwanted listings
    Search Engine Math
  61. The power of this search is the use of multiple parameters which is not possible with the math symbols
    Boolean Searching
  62. The ____________ is
    considered a wildcard character
    apostrophe or asterisk
  63. If you don’t know the spelling of a word or you want to search plurals or
    variations of words
    Wildcard Searching
  64. The content quality of it is supposed
    to be superior
    Invisible Web (Deep Web)
  65. example of deep web that contains links to over 70 000 searchable database
  66. has links to web resources for
    education and research
    Intute Web
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