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  1. defend yourself when sth/sb attack you;
    fight back
  2. try extremely hard often to persuade or please sb;
    bend over backwards
  3. help or support during difficult period of life;
    see sb through
  4. criticize very strongly or attack;
    turn on
  5. a problem that caused time to be wasted;
  6. do what needed to be done to solve the problem;
    see to
  7. break into pieces because it became too old or too weak;
    fall apart
  8. destroy a building because it's not wanted anymore;
    pull (sth) down sth
  9. twist and crush paper with your hands;
    screw (sth) up (sth)
  10. pull sth violently so that it breaks into two or more pieces;
    tear (sth) apart (sth)
  11. violently destroy a building because it's not wanted anymore;
    tear (sth) down (sth)
  12. hit or push sth/sb accidentally so that they fall to the ground or on their side;
    knock (sth/sb) ober (sth/sb)
  13. make sth that is burning stop burning;
    put (sth) out (sth)
  14. find and get rid of a problem or person causing a problem;
    root (sth/sb) out (sth/sb)
  15. get rid of sth that is considered wrong;
    stamp (sth) out (sth)
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