Close Combat Attack (CCA)

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  1. what is the reference for Close Combat Attack (CCA)
    FM 3-04.126
  2. define Close Combat Attack
    is a technique to control attack helicopters (AH-64 or OH-58D) in a close air support role, usually very near to friendly troops in contact.
  3. steps to control CCA
    • Gain Communication with pilot
    • Describe your location on the ground and mark it
    • Provide Target Location
    • Describe target location & mark it 
    • Remarks
  4. how to gain communication with the pilot
    • (1) Use frequency and call signs.
    • (2) Give the pilot a situation report (SITREP) and describe the enemy.
    • (3) Pilot should respond with number and type aircraft he has, number and
    • type weapons available, and how long he can support the ground unit (station
    • time).
  5. Describe and mark your location
    • The critical aspect is for the pilot to identify your location 
    • The best method is to use grid and identifiable terrain feature(s) that aircraft will be able to see. Then describe exact location from there, and start marking the location.
    • If aircraft is in sight, but they cannot see the ground unit, describe the location from them 
    • Once the pilot has identified the ground unit’s location, the ground unit can usually stop
    • marking unless the pilot requests it, or it has been coordinated otherwise.
  6. describe and mark the enemy location
    • Use multiple methods to describe and mark
    • Target handover occurs once the pilot has identified the ground unit’s position and the enemy position. The crew then engages the target while the ground unit provides adjustments and feedback to the pilot.
  7. Battle Damage Assessment
    • Target destroyed—end of mission
    • Target missed—adjust fire by giving direction and distance in meters from impact to the target
    • Weapon effects on target, re-engage
  8. Unit Marking
    • VS-17 panel: Daylight=Go, Night=NoGo
    • Smoke: Daylight=Go, Night=NoGo
    • Mirror: Daylight=Go, Night=NoGo
    • IR Strobe: Daylight=NoGo, Night=Go
    • All unit marking's night thermal is a NoGo
  9. Target Marking
    • Tracer Bullets: Daylight=Go, Night=Go
    • AN/PAQ-4: Daylight=NoGo, Night=Go
    • GCP: Daylight=NoGo, Night=Go
    • M-203 illum: Daylight=Go, Night=Go
    • All target marking's night thermal is a NoGo except M-203 illum is a Go
  10. CCA cannot be conducted
    without a positive ID of friendly and enemy force
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