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  1. The KD Primary starts at [Blank] and ends at [Blank].  It connects with what primary channel at the chest, internally?  And it distributes mainly on the [Blank] aspect of the lower extremities and [Blank].
    • Inferior aspect of he small toe
    • Chest, externally KI27
    • PC
    • Medioposterior (SP6)
    • Spinal column, abdomen, chest, throat, tongue
  2. The KD primary connects with what zhang fu?
    KD, UB, Liver, Lung, Heart, PC
  3. The crossing points of the KD primary channel are?
    SP6, DU1, Ren3, Ren4
  4. The internal pathway of the KD primary starts at [Blank], running anterior to the [Blank].  It goes to the [Blank] and connects with the [Blank].  A branch goes from the KD to the [Blank], which then goes to the [Blank] and ends at [Blank].  A second branch starts from [Blank] and goes[Blank] and ends at [Blank].
    • DU1
    • Spinal Column
    • KD
    • UB and Uterus
    • Liver
    • Lung
    • Root of tongue
    • Lung
    • Heart
    • PC
  5. The function of the KD channel:
    • Circulate KD Qi and Essence
    • Promote the fx of st and spleen
    • Promote the fx of lung and HT
    • Promote the function of Liver
    • Promote the fx of throat and tongue
  6. The KD channel dominates the disorders of the?
  7. KD Channel disorder:
    • Channel xu and obstruction: lower back, knee joint, spinal column, hip, mediosposterior of lower extremities
    • Throat and tongue: dry mouth and tongue
  8. KD organ disorder:
    • KD and UB: edema, facial puffiness, infertility
    • KD and Liv: Dizziness, blurred vision, dark skin
    • KD and St/sp: loose stool, chronic diarrhea, hunger with no desire
    • KD, heart and lung: restlessness, insomnia, somnolence, sob, chronic cough
  9. KD Qi Deficiency disorder:
    fatigue, fear, anxiety
  10. Leukorrhea, weakness and paralysis of the lumbar, pain of groin
    KD Divergent
  11. occidental headaches around time of menstration
    KD Divergent
  12. Disorders of brain and mind
    KD Divergent
  13. Aphasia, stiffness and flaccidity of tongue
    KD Divergent
  14. KD Divergent seperates from [Blank] and enters the body at [Blank].  It connects with [Blank].  It emerges from [Blank] and converges with the UB primary at [Blank].
    • Popliteal fossa KD10
    • 5 Cun above anus
    • KD, UB, root of tongue, dai mai (L2)
    • Nape UB10
    • Nape UB10
  15. The KD Sinew starts at the [Blank] and ends at the [Blank].  It knots at the:
    • Inferior aspect of small toe
    • Nape
    • Heel, MEdial of knee, external genitalia, and occiput
  16. At the genital region, a branch of the KD sinew runs where? End where?  And connects with what channel?
    • Along the spine and end at the nape.
    • Connects to the UB Sinew Channel
  17. Pathologies of the KD Sinew
    • Plantar Fascitis, Bone spurs
    • Pain of neck + All chronic bi syndrome
    • Epilepsy, convulsion
    • Difficulty bending forward/backward
    • Degeneration of bone and joints
  18. KD Luo point
  19. One branch of the KD Luo follows [Blank].  The second branch of the KD Luo follows [Blank] to the area below the heart.  It then goes into the body cavity to run along what?
    • UB regular
    • KD regular
    • Runs along the spine
  20. The KD Luo connects what?
    • Epigastric region
    • Spine
    • UB Channel
  21. The KD Luo excess:
    Retention of urine
  22. The KD Luo Xu:
    Lumbar pain
  23. The KD Luo rebellious qi:
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