Muscle Action

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  1. Orbicularis oculi
    closes the eye
  2. Temporalis
    closes the jaw
  3. Masseter
    elevates mandible
  4. Sternocleidomastoid
    flexes the head
  5. Buccinator
    keeps food between grinding teeth
  6. Orbicularis oris
    purses lips
  7. Zygomaticus
  8. Deltoid
    abducts arm
  9. Internal intercostals
    depresses rib cage
  10. Pectoralis minor
    draws scapula forward and downward; moves rib cage up
  11. External intercostals
    elevates rib cage
  12. Latissimus dorsi
    extends arm
  13. Pectoralis major
    flexes arm; rotates arm medially
  14. Trapezius
    rotates scapula
  15. Supraspinatus
    stabilizes shoulder
  16. Teres major
    stabilizes shoulder joint; rotates humerus laterally
  17. Infraspinatus
    stabilizes shoulder joint; rotates humerus laterally
  18. External obliques
    aids in trunk rotation and flexing vertebral column
  19. Internal obliques
    aids n trunk rotation and flexing vertebral column
  20. Transverse abdominis
    compresses abdominal contents
  21. Rectus abdominis
    flex and rotate lumbar region of vertebral column
  22. Extensor carpi ulnaris
    extends and adducts wrist
  23. Extensor digitorium
    extends fingers and wrist
  24. Triceps brachii
    extends forearm
  25. Biceps brachii
    flexes elbow; supinates forearm
  26. Brachioradialis
    flexes forearm
  27. Flexor carpi ulnaris
    flexes wrist
  28. Flexor digitorium superificialis
    flexes wrist and middle phalanges
  29. Pronator teres
    pronates forearm
  30. Sartorius
    abducts and medially rotates thigh
  31. Gracilis
    adducts thigh; flexes and medially rotates leg
  32. Adductor longus
    adducts, flexes, and medially rotates thigh
  33. Tibialis anterior
    dorsiflexion and inverts foot
  34. Vastus lateralis
    extends and stabilizes knee
  35. Rectus femoris
    extends knee
  36. Vastus medialis
    extend knee; stabilizes patella
  37. Gluteus maximus
    extends thigh
  38. Bicep femoris
    extends thigh and flexes knee
  39. Semitendinosus
    extends thigh and flexes knee
  40. Semimembranosus
    extends thigh and flexes knee
  41. Illiacus
    flexes thigh
  42. Gluteus medius
    flexes abducts, and laterally rotated thigh
  43. Fibularis (peroneus) longus
    plantar flexes and everts foot
  44. Soleus
    plantar flexes foot
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