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  1. 0-6 months weight
    Gain 1/2 to 1 ox per day
  2. 6-12 months
    Gain 1/2 oz per day
  3. Length 0-6 months
    1 inch/month
  4. Length 6-12 months
    1/2 inch/month
  5. Head circumferences 0-6 months
    1/2 inch/month
  6. Head circumference 6-12 months
    1/4 inch/month
  7. Growth 2-12 years
    Average of 2 inches per year
  8. 2 week old capabilities
    • Vision-gaze at bright objects track 40-45 degrees
    • Hearing-Responds to sounds with reflexive behavior (startle)
    • Gross motor-Symmetrical movements, can lift head when prone, strong reflexes-grasp, asymmetric tonic neck, sucking, rooting
  9. 2 week old capabilities (fine motor, vocalization, social)
    • Fine motor-hands in closed position, will grasp if placed in hand
    • Vocalization-Strong cry, throaty feeding sounds
    • Socialization-watches face intently
  10. 2 week reflexes
    Palmar, plantar grasp

    Stepping reflex

    Rooting reflex
  11. 2 month old (vision, hearing, gross)
    • Vision-can track 90 degrees, watch parent intently
    • Hearing-turn toward sound
    • Gross motor-Flexed position when prone, lift head 45 degrees, hold head upright momentarily, hands fisted
  12. 2 month old (fine, vocal, social)
    • Fine motor-grasp reflex lessens-peel fingers off
    • Vocalization-crying differentiated, coo to familiar voices
    • Socialization-social smile
  13. 2 month old reflexes
    • Fencing/asymmetrical posture
    • tonic neck
  14. 4 month old (vision, hearing, vocalization)
    • Vision-180 degree peripheral vision, binocular vision, eyes converge to near object, doll's eye reflex disappear
    • Hearing-turn toward sound
    • Vocal-Laugh, consonant sounds: n, k, g, p, b
  15. 4 month old-physical reflex (when disappear)
    • Moro-disappear at 4 months
    • Tonic neck-disappears 4-6 month
    • Stepping disappear-3-4 months
    • Rooting disappear- 3-4 months except during sleep
  16. 4 month (Gross, Fine)
    • Gross motor-no head lage when pulled to sitting, balance head well when sitting, rolls front to back, back to side, rais head and chest 90 degrees
    • Fine motor-hands midline; inspects hands, grasp with both hands, carries objects to mouth, reaches for objects but overshoots
  17. 4 month-social
    Socialization-excitement with whole body, anticipates feedings when see bottle/breast, show interest in new stimuli, enjoy social interaction and demands by fussing
  18. Infant reflex
    • Moro-sensation being dropped hands go out-hands in over chest to calm
    • Tonic neck-(fencing)
    • Grasp
    • Step
    • Crawl
  19. Developmental red flags 3 months
    • Hearing-No reaction to sudden or loud noises; doesn't appear to listen to speaker voice; doesn't find speaker voice
    • Muscle tone-doesn't raise head when lying on stomach
    • Neglect-left to lie in crib for long periods of time without visual or auditory stimulation
  20. Developmental red flags 6 months
    • doesn't turn to person speaking
    • Doesn't respond with being played with
    • Not visually alert
    • Never laughs or smiles
    • No babbling
    • Doesn't reach for toy
    • Doesn't lift head/arch back when prone
    • Rigid body movements (hypertonia)
    • Not gaining weight (neglect?)
    • No signs of attachment-unresponsive to mom or dad
    • Overprotection-little stimulation or encouragement for exploring
  21. Developmental red flagsĀ 9 months
    • Caregivers unrealistic expectations of infant ability to control behavior
    • Dissatisfaction with infant's begining independence
    • Temperamental variability-too good or too irritable
  22. 6 month development (vision, hearing, vocal)
    • Vision-studies hand, recognizes bottle, visual accomodation-can reach and grasp
    • Hearing-locates objects side to side and up and down (test-ring bell above head)
    • Vocalization-imitates sounds-does raspberry; babbles single syllables (ma, da, hi)-vocalizes to toys during day
  23. 6 month development (gross)
    • Gross motor
    • lift chest and upper abdomen off table-pushes up on arms
    • Sits in high chair
    • Lifts head with no head lag; anticipates lift
    • Rolls back to front
    • Bears weight when held upright
  24. 6 month fine motor
    • develops eye hand coordination
    • transfers objects hand to hand
    • drops block when handed another
    • holds bottle
    • index finger extends, rest of hand flexed
  25. 6 month social
    • recognize parent, begins fear of strangers
    • Holds out arms to be picked up
    • Briefly searches for lost object
    • Frequent mood swings
  26. 9 month (vision, hear)
    • Vision-increased eye hand coordination, changes posture to see something, prefers yellow and red, can discriminate between simple geometric shapes
    • Hear-turn head to locate sounds, respond to own name
  27. 9 month vocal
    • combine syllables (mama, baba)-doesn't know meaning
    • Responds to simple verbal commands
    • Comprehends no-no and bye-bye
    • Babbles and immitate sounds
  28. How old average baby sits up
    6.5 months
  29. 9 month physical
    • parachute reflex appearing
    • 3 or more teeth
    • more regular bowel and bladder habits
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