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  1. The Ren channel is known as the [Blank]
    Yin of sea
  2. The Ren channel regulates which channel?
    All Yin Channels
  3. The Ren channel distributes Qi to which part of the body?
    • Center of abdomen
    • chest
    • face
    • eye
  4. The Ren connects which zhang fu?
    • Uterus
    • KD
    • Intestines
    • ST
    • SP 
    • HT
    • Lung
    • eyes
  5. The ren starts [blank] follows the [blank] and passes the [blank].  It meets the [blank] channel.  Then goes to [Blank].  A second branch starts in the [blank] in woman, [Blank] in men.  This branch has the same starting point as [Blank] Channel.  Then it goes to [Blank] and follow the [Blank].
    • Ren3
    • Anterior aspect of trunk
    • Chest and throat
    • Chong Mai
    • Below the Eyes (ST1)
    • Uterus
    • Ren4
    • Chong Mai
    • Perineum (Ren1)
    • Spine
  6. The Ren coincides with which channel?
    Chong and Du
  7. The ren channel intersects which points?
    • DU28
    • ST1
  8. What are the confluence points?
    • LU7
    • KD6
  9. What are the function of the Ren channel?
    • Regulate all yin channels
    • Circulate Yin qi, blood, essence and body fluids to nourish and lubricate all the organs and channels.
    • REgulate the reproductive function
    • Regulate the function of the internal organs
    • Distribute the yin qi upward to the face, lips and eyes
    • Treat the seven hernias
  10. What is the pathology of the Ren?
    Disorders of menstruation, leukorrhea, seven types of hernia, infertility, urination, infertility, nocturnal emission
  11. The Luo point of the Ren?
  12. The Ren luo distributes over which region?
    upper and lower abdomen
  13. The ren luo connects what?
    • Upper and lower abdomen
    • Du
  14. Excess Ren Luo pathology?
    Pain of skin over abdomen
  15. Deficiency Ren luo pathology?
    Itching of skin of abdomen
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