AOTM lesson 13 spotting hooking up

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  1. Hydrants used in Los Angeles are found in two broad categories?
    Single outlet and double outlet
  2. Connection to a 4" hydrant will provide _____ the amount of water than a 2 1/2" hydrant
  3. _____ in soft suction restrict the flow of water to the pump
  4. Every engineer should be familiar with the ______ and _____ variables peculiar to your district.
    Hydrants and capacity
  5. Where unusual or exceptional conditions are found ___-_____ to determine the best method of spotting or hook up should be made
  6. Which type of variables does the Engineer have control over? Hydrant or capacity
  7. Spot the apparatus to the _" outlet so the maximum amount of water can be obtain. Place the 4-way valve on the __".
    • 4"
    • 2 1/2"
  8. Shift the 4-way valve handle towards the ____ outlet to which the hose is connected.
  9. Connect suction to the unused ____ outlet of the 4-way.
  10. Connect ______ line from the pump to the female side of the 4-way
  11. Any hydrant that a pump cannot spot close enough to make a connection with a _____ ___ ____ ____ is considered a blocked hydrant.
    Standard 4" soft suction
  12. Whenever hook ups are made on a blocked hydrant _____ suction inlets shall be used
  13. The exact manner to which pump connection are made on a blocked hydrant will depend apon?
    • Condition of hydrant
    • Type and Amount of equipment on pump
    • Ingenuity of the Engineer
  14. A partial failure of a suction will have?
    Small hole or leaks around a coupling?
  15. What to do if partial failure of suction?
    Continue normal operations
  16. To prevent complete failure of suction?
    Increase discharge pressure or partially close hydrant
  17. The first consideration of the Engineer when complete failure of suction occurs?
    Get water on the fire ASAPASAP
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