Day 43

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  1. advance
    v. improve, evolve, develop, progress  진보하다
  2. applicability
    n. relevance                           적절함, 적절성, 응용할 수 있음

    Attorneys questioned the applicability of evidence about the defendant's personality.
  3. brittle
    adj. breakable                       부서지기 쉬운
  4. careful
    adj. cautious, discreet, precautious  주의깊은
  5. convert
    v. transform, change                   바꾸다
  6. core
    n. center, heart                     핵심
  7. countervail
    v. oppose, counterbalance, offset  상쇄시키다,무효로 만들다

    The decline in domestic consumer demand was countervailed by an increase in exports.
  8. curative
    adj. healing                               치유하는
  9. disintegrate
    v. fall apart, crumble, break down     붕괴되다, 분해되다, 산산조각 나다

    The palace has disintegrated over the centuries and is now in ruins.
  10. divest of
    v. deprive, strip                          박탈하다

    In some countries, people found guilty of treason are divested of their rights and citizenship.
  11. drive
    v. 1. propel, force, impel, compel    억지로, ~하게 하다

    The prime minister was driven by the scandal to resign.

    n. 2. campaign, push, action                 운동
  12. entangle
    v. complicate, involve                뒤얽히게 하다, 얽매이다

    The separated couple became entangled in a lawsuit over the custody of their child.
  13. evolve
    v. develop, progress, improve        서서히 발전하다, 발달하다
  14. extant
    adj. existing, living, remaining, surviving  현존하는

    Archealogists work with extant pieces of civilization.
  15. hamper
    v. prevent, impede, hinder, restrict    방해하다

    The development of a scientific approach to chemistry was hampered by several factors.
  16. hide
    n. 1. fur, skin                (짐슴의) 가죽

    Robby is asking for a blancket made from cow hide for his birthday this year.

    v. 2. camouflage, disguise, cloak, mask  숨기다, 감추다
  17. immoral
    adj. improper, corrupt, sinful         부도덕한, 비도덕적인

    Most cultures would agree that stealing is immoral.
  18. incipient
    adj. initial, begining, commencing     초기의, 막 시작된

    An accurate psychological evaluation is necessary to diagnose incipient psychotic symptoms in borderline mental patients.
  19. isolate
    v. separate, segregate                격리시키다

    Scientists have isolated the virus that causes SARS.
  20. joint
    v. combine, connect              접합하다, 연결하다
  21. kindle
    v. ignite, fire, inflame          불을 붙이다, (불이) 타기 시작하다
  22. landscape
    n. scenery, outlook, scene        풍경, 전망

  23. migrate
    v. travel, move around, immigrate, emigrate  이동하다, 이주하다
  24. milestone
    n. important event, significant event    획기적인 사건

    The movie Toy Story was an entertainment milestone for the computer graphics industry.
  25. novel (2)
    adj. 1. new, innovation, fresh, modern  새로운

    Graphic calculators were highly novel in the 1960s.

    adj. 2. unusual, rare, strange          신기한, 진기한

    Joe's sister made a novel career choice when she decided to become a magician.
  26. out of the question
    phr. impossible                           불가능한
  27. phenomenal
    adj. extraordinary, exceptional, remarkable, unusual                           놀랄 만한

    The discovery of the electron was a phenomenal advance in physics.
  28. plunge
    v. drop, dip, thrust        떨어뜨리다, 던져 넣다 (앞 아래로 갑자기) 거꾸러지다

    Mario cooked the peas by plunging them into boiling water.
  29. presently
    adv. immediately, directly, soon      곧
  30. reckless
    adj. careless, rash, heedless, inadvertent  무모한, 부주의한
  31. sensitive
    adj. responsive, impressionable        민감하게 반응하는
  32. serious
    adj. solemn, important, momentous   심각한, 중대한
  33. simultaneous
    adj. concurrent, concomitant, synchronous  동시에 일어나는

    There was a flash of lightening and a simultaneous roll of thunder.
  34. soar (2)
    v. 1. tower, rise, ascend, mount        높이 솟다

    v. 2. increase dramatically, shoot up   급상승하다
  35. subservient
    adj. secondary, subordinate      부차적인, 종속적인

    In the 1960s it was widely accepted that women were inferior and should be subservient to men.
  36. subterranean
    adj. underground, underneath         지하의

    Mammoth Cave, in central Kentucky, contains several subterranean lakes and rivers.
  37. unlawful
    adj. illegal, illicit, illegitimate             불법적인
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