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  1. systole
  2. diastole
  3. electrocardiography
    process of recording electrical activity generated by the heart
  4. electrocardiogram
    • record of electrical activity generated by the heart
    • used to evaluate abnormal cardiac rhythm
  5. sinus rhythm
    • normal heart rhythm
    • shows 5 waves on the ECG strip, which represent electrical changes as they spread through the heart
  6. P wave
    represents atrial depolarization, conduction of an electrical impulse through the atria causing atrial contraction
  7. QRS waves/ complex
    ventricular depolarization, conduction of electrical impulses through the ventricle though the bundle of His and Purkinje fibers causing ventricular contraction
  8. T wave
    electrical recovery and relaxation of the ventricles (during diastole)
  9. microcardia
    abnormal smallness of the heart (underdeveloped)
  10. megalocardia/ cardiomegaly
    enlargement of the heart
  11. angina pectoris
    paroxysmal pain in the chest, often radiating to the arms, particularly the left, usually due to interference with the supply of oxygen to the heart muscle
  12. lumen
    the inner open space or cavity of a tubular organ, as of a blood vessel.
  13. arteriosclerosis
    • abnormal condition of arterial hardening
    • thickening, hardening, and loss of elasticity of the atrial walls which results in decreased blood supply
  14. atherosclerosis
    • abnormal condition of fatty plaque hardening
    • most common form or arteriosclerosis
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Heart valve, conduction and sounds
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