History Test 1

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  1. Beringia
    Land Bridge over the bering strait
  2. Mound Builders
    • Mississippians 
    • Depended on corn
  3. Noble Savage
    a counter narrative to the savage indian
  4. Vasco Da Gama
    • portuguese
    • established trade with India
  5. pre-columbian
    History before 1492
  6. christopher columbus
    Italian explorer
  7. columbian exchange
    trade that began after christopher columbia's travels to the new world
  8. amerigo vespucci
    • wrote letters back to spain about travels to new world
    • Mapper later named the new world after amerigo
    • amerigo was feminised to america
  9. north western passage
    a route to china that was many explorers seeked but never found
  10. john cabot
    • sailed under the english flag 
    • was seeking northwest passage to china
  11. jacques carter
    discover st. lawrence river in canada and set frances claims in the new world
  12. treaty of tordesillas
    pope alexander the 6th divided the world between spain and portugal
  13. francisco vasquez de coronado
    • lead exploration to new mexico in search of gold cities
    • traveled all the way to Kansas
  14. ponce de leon
    • lost his command of puerto rico 
    • discovered florida
  15. st augustine, florida
    • city established to prevent future french colonization
    • oldest city in USA
  16. hernando de soto
    • first european to see mississippi river
    • very brutal and destructive with disease
  17. samuel de champlain
    established new france an fur trade with indians
  18. jacques marquette and louis joliet
    travel down the mississippi and claim it for france
  19. robert cavalier, sieur de la salle
    finished exploring mississippi river and established the louisiana territory.
  20. henry hudson
    • englishmen that sailed for the dutch (netherlands, holland) 
    • sailed the hudson river
  21. new netherland / new amsterdam
    new york
  22. roanoke colony
    • lost colony in north carolina 
    • might of joined indian tribes
  23. jamestown
    • 1607 chesapeake bay
    • john smith was commander of jamestown
  24. house of burgesses
    oldest colonial legislature
  25. lord baltimore
    established mayland
  26. pilgrims
    landed at plymouth rock in massachusetts
  27. mayflower compact 1620
    signed on board the mayflower
  28. william bradford
    • governor of plymouth colony 
    • first democratic charter since ancient times
  29. john winthrop
    • leads puritan expedition in massachusetts
    • given charter and were suppose to land in new york
  30. puritans
    believed they were gods chosen people
  31. roger williams
    • minster who said state should not inforce 10 commandments
    • soul liberty
    • formed government in rhode island with religious freedom
  32. anne hutchinson
    was banished to rhode island
  33. indentured servants
    contracted into slavery for a few years for a ticket to the english colonies
  34. thomas hooker
    established connecticut massachusetts was too strict for some and not strict enough for others.
  35. king philips war
    1675 indian war in massachusetts and other new england colonies
  36. salem witch trails 1692
    • girls go crazy and accuse others of being witches 
    • massachusetts governor's wife is accused of being a witch and the trails end
  37. carolina
    established for profit by king of england
  38. james oglethorpe
    proposed georgia to be immigrated by debtors in england
  39. quakers
    • society of friends 
    • shaked and where made fun of 
    • passives
  40. william penn
    charles III gave pennsylvania to William's father
  41. pennsylvania dutch
    • Amish
    • Protestant from germany
    • dutchland
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