Day 44

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  1. absorb
    v. take in, inbibe, soak up          흡수하다
  2. accuse
    v. indict, impeach, blame, charge    고발하다, 비난하다

    Kate accused me of conspiring with Chris to make her marry him.
  3. a host of
    phr. a number of, a multitude of       많은 수의

    There are a host of job opportunities for Computer Science majors after graduation.
  4. apathetic
    adj. indifferent, unconcerned, uninterested  무관심한

    The masses are politically apathetic.
  5. array
    v. arrange, display, exhibit      배열하다, 진열하다

    The street vendor arrayed his wares on the busy street corner.
  6. continual
    adj. incessant, ceaseless              끊임없는
  7. design
    v. intend, plan, project           뜻을 품다, 계획하다
  8. discard
    v. throw away, abandon, dispose of, cast aside                                 버리다, 폐기하다

    Everyone should discard their paper, glass and plastic into a recycling box in order to keep the earth green.
  9. elapse
    v. pass, go by                    경과하다, (시간이) 흐르다(지나다)

    It is normal for a few seconds to elapse between the flash and the thunder of lightning.
  10. furnish
    v. provide, supply, replenish      공급하다, 제공하다

    The counselor furnished Tim the papers for his application.
  11. futile
    adj. useless, ineffective, vain         쓸모없는, 헛된

    It was futile to try to teach Jack French.
  12. guard
    v. protect, defend, shield          지키다
  13. locomotion
    n. movement, motion                  운동, 이동

    Humans are one of the few animals capable of two-footed locomotion.
  14. metamorthose
    v. change, transform, convert       (~으로) 변형, 현화하다

    Caterpillars metamorphose into butterflies later in life.
  15. misconception
    n. false belief, misunderstanding, fallacy  잘못된 생각, 오해
  16. multiplicity
    n. variety, diversity, plurality, plenty    다양성, 다수
  17. native
    adj. indigenous, innate, inborn, inherent  토착의, 선천적인
  18. needless to say
    phr. obviously, of course, undoubtedly   말할 필요도 없이
  19. passive
    adj. inactive, inert             수동적인, 활기 없는

    For 2000 years women were confined to passive roles in society.
  20. predicate (2)
    v. 1. affirm, assert, declare      단언하다

    The class lecture predicated the moral weakness of humans

    v. 2. base, establish, found          기초를 두다

    The lawyer predicated his argument on all the known facts.
  21. presence
    n. existence, being                   존재
  22. progressively
    adv. increasingly                    점차적으로
  23. pungent
    adj. sharp, piquant, tart            신랄한, 자극적인, 톡 쏘는 듯한

    If frightened, a skunk will lift its tail and spray a pungent odor.
  24. recover
    v. retrieve, bring back, regain, reclaim   되찾다, 회복시키다
  25. regardless of
    phr. in spite of                      ~에 개의치 않고
  26. remainder
    n. residue, remnant, rest                  나머지
  27. reputation
    n. fame, renown                            명성
  28. shelter
    v. protect, shield, harbor, guard, safeguard    보호하다, 숨겨 주다
  29. spur
    n. 1. stimulus, incitement, incentive   자극

    The tax cut was a much needed spur for the lagging economy.

    v. 2. stimulus                               자극하다

    The Federal Reseve lowered interest rates in hopes of spurring the economy
  30. suggest
    v. implicate, point to, indicate, hint, intimate    암시하다
  31. surge
    v. increase, rise           증가(상승)하다

    After the World Cup, interest in local soccer teams surged.
  32. terminal
    adj. final, last                     최종의
  33. transverse
    adj. cross, crosswise           가로지르는

    The roof is held up by beams transverse to the main set of supprots.
  34. underscore
    v. reinforce, emphasize, accentuate, underline                                       강조하다

    In a lecture on the importance of exercise, Dr. Jones underscored his belief that only one cure for obesity exsist.
  35. upbraid
    v. scold, berate, rebuke            꾸짖다, 질책하다

    The teacher upbraided the students for their carelessness.
  36. vagabond
    adj. wandering, nomadic, vagrant      방랑하는

    Having grown tired of a vagabond lifestyle, Rob settled down and found a steady job.
  37. vague
    adj. uncertain, imprecise, obscure    모호한
  38. veracious
    adj. honest, truthful, accurate          진실한

    Veracious lawyers and politicians are hard to come by,
  39. vital
    adj. essential, important, indispensable  필수적인
  40. withstand
    v. resist, endure                        버티다, 견뎌내다

    His mother doesn't think Bill is capable of withstanding hardship for long.
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