Ch 5

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  1. 가리키다
    indicate, denote, point to
  2. 가치
    value, worth, merit
  3. 곳곳
    various places, here and there
  4. 관측
    observation, survey
  5. 국보
    national treasure
  6. 기능
    technical skill, ability
  7. 길이
    for a long time, forever, eternally
  8. 농사
    farming, agriculture
  9. 담기다
    filled, put in, dished up
  10. 도성
    castle town
  11. 독창성
  12. 동감이다
    be in agreement, agree
  13. 두드러지다
    conspicuous, prominent, marked
  14. 무술
    martial arts
  15. 무형
    intangible, formless
  16. 문화재
    cultural assets, cultural properties
  17. 보물
    treasure, valuables
  18. 보수 공사
    repair works
  19. 보존하다
    preserve, conserve, maintain
  20. 보호
  21. 뽐내다
    take pride in, brag, boast
  22. 사다리
  23. 산재하다
    scattered around
  24. 세월
    time and tide
  25. 수난
    suffering, ordeals, disasters, catastophes
  26. 앞뜰
    front yard, court
  27. 원성
    completion, perfection
  28. 왕위
    throne, crown, kingship
  29. 왕조
  30. 우수성
    superiority, excellence
  31. 유산
    heritage, legacy, inheritance,
  32. 유형
    concrete, tangible
  33. 인간 문화재
    living cultural treasures
  34. 일정한
    definite, fixed, established, set
  35. 전시
    exhibition, display
  36. 지배하다
    occupy, control, govern
  37. 지정하다
    appoint, designate, assign
  38. 지혜
    wisdom, sagacity, intelligence
  39. 총독부
    Japanese government in Seoul
  40. tower, pagoda, steeple
  41. 한 바퀴
    one cycle
  42. 헐다
    demolish, destroy, flatten out
  43. 흉칙하다
    very ugly

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