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  1. Elements of an Access Database (tables, forms, etc) are called:
  2. Datasheet veiw of a table is similar to:
    An Excel spreadsheet
  3. Within a table in the data sheet view, a row:
    Is called a record.
  4. Mary wants to have data in the phone number field to appear as (XXX) XXX-XXXX, she should
    Enter design view and apply a data mask to that value.
  5. Normalization is the process of:
    Separating out data into unique related tables.
  6. Normalization will:
    Limit the repetition of data in a table
  7. The required information to enter when adding a field to a table is:
    Name, Data type
  8. The steps to create a new form include:
    Click create Tab, Form wizard.
  9. Forms are used to:
    Change the way a record is displayed.
  10. Once a field type is selected:
    It cannot be changed
  11. John would like to look up data in a table based on a criteria, he should:
    Create a query
  12. Reports in Access:
    Display data in a way that can be easily printed
  13. Table relationships:
    Define how data in tables are related
  14. Design view for queries:
    Can define search criteria
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