Lymph Tonsil Spleen Thymus Words 2

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  1. tonsil
    small mass of lymphoid tissue in the mucus membrane o the pharynx that is the first line of defense from the external environment
  2. spleen
    • located in the LUQ
    • largest lymphatic organ in the body, filters blood for immune response
    • removes and destroys old RBC
    • has emergency storage of blood for hemorrhaging
  3. pathogens
    microorganism capable of producing disease
  4. hemorrhage
    loss of a large amounts of blood in a short period of time
  5. macrophage
    phagocytic cell in the spleen
  6. thymus
    endocrine gland which becomes smaller with age and plays an important role in immunity
  7. T lymphocytes, T cells
    • originate in the bone marrow, mature in the thymus
    • attack foreign agents such as viruses
  8. cytotoxic T cells, killer T cells
    • secrete chemical compounds that destroy foreign cells (CA, viral, fungal)
    • responsible for transplant rejection
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