Machinist's Mate 1&C Ch.5

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  1. Under normal operating conditions, what side of a main condenser should be inspected in accordance with the planned maintenance system?
  2. For short-term lay-ups, the saltwater side should be kept full. Circulate the water once a day for at least how long by running the circulating pump?
    10 minutes
  3. The most common cause of tube leakage is what, which starts at the saltwater side of the tube and proceeds through the tube wall of the steam side?
  4. Tube deterioration caused by impingement erosion of the tube ends can be minimized by proper regulation of circulating water through condensers and by proper venting of what?
    Water chests
  5. If what impinges on condenser tubes at high velocity, the surface of the tubes will rapidly erode?
    Wet steam
  6. What or distribution pipes installed within the condenser shell prevents direct impingement of water and steam from the auxiliary exhaust line, the recirculating line, and the makeup feed line?
  7. Before any work is begun in retubing a main condenser, authorization must be obtained from what?
  8. Only what type of tubes conforming to NAVSEA specifications may be used in condensers that are saltwater cooled?
  9. Nearly all condensers installed aboard naval ships have the inlet tube ends expanded in the what, forming a metal-to-metal joint?
    Tube sheet
  10. A tube expander must be properly set for a given job. To do this, you must ensure that the overall  length of the rolls are not less then three-sixteenths inch nor more than what size greater than the thickness of the tube sheet into which the tube is expanded
    Five-eighths inch
  11. Use what packing, in accordance with Navy specifications, to pack the outlet ens of packed condenser tubes/
    Flexible metallic
  12. When a condenser is secured, keep what side empty?
  13. Never subject condensers to a test pressure in excess of what?
    15 psig
  14. The most frequent casualty to a main condenser is a reduction in what?
  15. When the gate valve in the circulating-water overboard piping is used to regulate the water flow through the condenser, this valve should be kept at least what?
    One-quarter open
  16. During standby most installations fitted with properly functioning air ejectors will produce a maximum vacuum, of about how many inches of mercury with cold injection temperature?
    29 1/2
  17. What remove gases from the feedwater by using the principle that the volubility of gases in feedwater approaches zero when the water temperature approaches the boiling point?
    Deaerating Feed Tanks (DFTs)
  18. What should be operated as required to maintain  the oil (inlet) temperatures to the bearings at the designed value?
    Oil coolers
  19. With reasonable care lube-oil coolers on Navy ships will remain in service for several years. When salt water is used as thee cooling medium, failure is usually caused by erosion, because of high water velocity, or by corrosion, because of what?
    Electrolytic action
  20. Most oil cooler failures have occurred to units that are supplied with cooling water from what?
    service main
  21. What are used for closed-circuit cooling of machinery?
    Air coolers
  22. Clean the air cooler at least every how often?
    6 months
  23. General information on starting, shifting, and securing air ejectors is given in each ship's what?
    Engineering Operational Sequencing System (EOSS)
  24. In general, air ejector nozzles maybe cleaned with what?
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