Freshman Black Sash Level 1

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  1. Name of school
    Mt. Song Martial Arts Academy
  2. What should you do upon entering and leaving the guan floor?
  3. Know proper way to salute
    Practice Salute
  4. What is the name of first form?
  5. What is the Chinese term for horse stance?
    Ma bu
  6. What is the Chinese term for bow stance?
    Gong bu
  7. Know your stretch kicks
    Front, side, outside, and inside
  8. What are the eight basic stances?
    Horse, Bow , Cross, Empty (Cat), Steven Star, Crushing, Kneeling, and Butterfly
  9. What is line drill #1?
    Practice line drill #1
  10. What is line drill #2?
    Practice line drill #2
  11. What is lian huan quan?
    Continuous fist
  12. What is straight punch?
    Practice straight punch
  13. What is side punch?
    Practice side punch
  14. What is tan tui?
    Practice front toe kick
  15. What is deng tui?
    Practice front heel kick
  16. What is heel-to-toe stretch?
    Practice heel-to-toe stretch

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Freshman Black Sash Level 1
2010-07-24 20:00:28
kung fu

Techniques, forms, and terms to know for freshman black sash level 1.
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