Diseases, Conditions, Diagnostic Procedures 3

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  1. electrocardiography, cardiography
    creation and study of graphic records produced by electric activity generated by the heart muscle
  2. Holter monitor
    device worn by a patient that records prolonged electrocardiograph readings (usually 24 hrs) on a portable tape recorder while the patient conducts normal daily activities
  3. lipid panel
    panel of blood tests measuring cholesterol components to assess the risk of heart disease
  4. stress test
    test which an ECG is recorded under controlled exercise conditions (typically using a treadmill) to determine the heart’s response to physical exertion (stress)
  5. nuclear stress test
    stress test that uses a radioisotope to evaluate coronary blood flow
  6. troponin I
    blood test that measures protein released into the blood by damaged heart muscle
  7. ultrasonography
    employs high- frequency sound waves to produce images of internal structures of the body
  8. Doppler ultrasonography
    ultrasound used to assess blood flow through blood vessels and the heart
  9. bone marrow aspiration biopsy
    removal of living bone marrow tissue, usually taken from the sternum or iliac crest for microscopic examination
  10. enzyme- linked immunosorbent assay
    blood test that detects antibodies in the blood, including the AIDS virus
  11. lymphangiography
    radiographic examination of lymph glands and lymphatic vessels after and injection of a contrast medium
  12. tissue typing, histocompatibility testing
    technique used to determine the histocompatibility of tissue used in grafts and transplants with the recipient’s tissues and cells
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