Ch 8

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  1. 강조하다
    stress, emphasize
  2. 거부감
    feeling of rejection or dispproval
  3. 거절
    decline, reject
  4. 공경하다
    respect, revere
  5. 관념
    notion, idea, conception
  6. 겨우
    barely, narrowly, with difficulty
  7. 교정
    schoolyard, campus
  8. 구조
  9. 단박에
    at once, immediately, instantly
  10. 대뜸
    outright, without reservation, openly, with no warning
  11. 대면
    facing, meeting
  12. 대장
    general, admiral, head, boss
  13. 동료
    colleague, associate, companion
  14. chinese horoscope sign
  15. 마침
    just in time, at the right moment, in the nick of time, fortunately
  16. 반응
    reaction, response
  17. 밝히다
    make (a matter) clear, clear up
  18. 부임하다
    start a new post
  19. 불쑥
    suddenly, unexpectedly (appear)
  20. 비우다
    empty, clear
  21. 사고 방식
    way of thinking
  22. 사적이다
  23. 선호하다
  24. 속으로
    in the back of one's mind
  25. 수수께끼
    riddle, conundrum, puzzle, mystery
  26. 손뼉
    flat or palm of hand (박수)
  27. 순위
    order, standing, ranking
  28. 시장하다
    hungry, feel empty
  29. 심드렁하다
    uninterested (in doing), indisposed (to do)
  30. 알아내다
    find out, discover
  31. 앞서 가다
    go before, go ahead of, precede
  32. 어리둥절하다
    stunned, bewildered
  33. 예의 범절
    rules of etiquette
  34. 요청
    request, demand
  35. 움켜쥐다
    grip, clutch, clench, hold tightly
  36. 의사
    mind, intention, idea, thought
  37. 이토록
    to this extent, this much, like this
  38. 정중히
    gentlemanly, polite, courteous
  39. 지적
    pointing out, indication
  40. 진작
    earlier, then and there
  41. 차리다
    prepare, make ready, arrange
  42. 청교도적
  43. 초면
    first meeting
  44. 파악하다
    grasp, get hold of, grip
  45. 풍습
    custom, manners
  46. 혼나다
    have a bitter experience, have an awful time, have a hard time
  47. 활짝
    (to smile) radiantly, brightly, happily
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