microbial genetics

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  1. what is a genome?
    all DNA present in a cell or virus
  2. what is a genotype?
    specific set of genes an organism possesses
  3. what is a phenotype?
    collection of observable characteristics
  4. what is the the DNA sequence 3' to 5' that begins protein coding?
  5. start codon
  6. what does AUG code for?
  7. what are the 2 types of responses that environmental cues have on regulating bacterial behavior?
    • posttranlational control - regulate activity of enzymes and otter proteins
    • regulate gene expression - change the rate of synthesis of enzymes and other proteins
  8. what are housekeeping genes?
    • encode enzymes of the central metabolic pathways
    • expressed continuously (constitutive genes)
  9. what are regulated genes?
    encode for proteins that are needed periodically
  10. what is an inducer?
    an effector molecule that helps to drive the expression of an inducible gene
  11. what is an inducible gene?
    genes that encode enzymes only in response to an inducer
  12. what type of enzyme are usually encoded by inducible genes?
    catabolic enzymes
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