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  1. language
    a structured system of symbols used for communicating meaning
  2. onomatopeia
    a word formed by imitating the sound associated with its meaning
  3. denotative meaning
    dictionary definition
  4. connotative meaning
    implied/secondary meaning
  5. loaded language
    terms that carry strongly positive or strongly negative connotations
  6. ambigous language
    language having more than one possible meaning
  7. sapir whorf hypothesis
    is the idea that language influences the way that members of a culture see and think about the world
  8. ethos
    A speakers respectability, trustworthiness, and moral character
  9. pathos
    listeners emotions
  10. logos
    listeners ability to reason
  11. reason
    to make judgements about the world based on evidence rather than emotion or intuition
  12. credibility
    the extent to which others find someones words and actions trustworthy
  13. euphemism
    a vague, mild expression that symbolizes something more blunt or harsh
  14. slang
    informal unconventional words that are often understood only by others in a particular subculture
  15. defamation
    languae that harms a person's reputation or image
  16. libel
    statement made in print
  17. slander
    defamatory statement made aloud
  18. profanity
    a form of languae considered vulgar, rude, or obscene
  19. i statement
    statement that claims ownership of ones thoughts or feelings
  20. you statement
    shifts responsibility for ones own thoughts to the listener
  21. nonverbal communication
    behaviors and characteristics that convey meaning without the use of words
  22. emoticons
    textual representations of facial expression
  23. nonverbal channels
    the various behavioral forms that nonverbal communication takes
  24. turn-taking signal
    nonverbal behavior that indicates when a person's speaking turn begins and ends
  25. immediacy behavior
    nonverbal behavior that conveys attraction or affiliation
  26. facial display
    the use of facial expression for communication
  27. symmetry
    the similarity between the left and right sides of the facy or body
  28. proportionality
    the size of facial features relative to one another
  29. oculesics
    the study of behavior
  30. kinesics
    the study of movement
  31. gesticulation
    the use of arm and hand movements to communicate
  32. emblem
    a gesture with a direct verbal translation
  33. illustrator
    a gesture that enhances or clarifies a verbal message
  34. affect display
    a gesture that communicates emotion
  35. regulator
    a gesture that controls the flow of conversation
  36. adaptor
    a gesture used to satisfy a personal need
  37. haptics
    the study of how people use touch to communicate
  38. vocalics
    characteristics of the voice
  39. paralanguage
    vocalic behaviors that go along with verbal behavior to convey meaning
  40. characteristics of our voice that is nonverbal
    pitch, inflection, volume, rate, filler words, pronunciation, articulation, accent, silence
  41. olfactics
    the study of the sense of smell
  42. proxemics
    the study of spatial use
  43. intimate distance
    the distance most people in western cultures use 0-1 and a half feet
  44. personal distance
    the distance between friends and relatives. 1 and a half feet to 4 feet
  45. social distance
    casual acquaintances 4 to 12 feet
  46. public distance
    performance 12 to 25 feet
  47. halo effect
    tendency to attribute postive qualities to attractive people
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