Integrated WAG

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  1. 1. What is another name for WAG?
    2. and its definition?
    • 1. Scavenging & waste anesthetic gas disposal OR scavenging systems.
    • 2. Scavenging is the collection and removal of vented anesthetic gases from the anesthesia area. All about decreasing occupational exposure.
  2. 1. What is the safety standard set my OSHA?
    1. Workers should not be exposed to an 8hr time-weighted average of > 2 ppm of halogenated agents or > 25 ppm nitrous oxide.
  3. 1. Is the smell of gas normal during a case?
    1. No, seek out the cause.
  4. 1. What are the two most effective ways for reduce WAG?
    • - Scavenger systems
    •     and
    • - OR ventilation
  5. 1. Active scavengers require what two valves and why?
    2. What do passive scavengers require?
    • 1. Positive and negative pressure relief valves
    •      - prevents injury to Pt. d/t  buildup of
    •     + or - pressures.
    • 2. Only + pressure relief valve
  6. 1. What are the types of scavengers? and, the two variations of each?
    1. Active and Passive. May be open or closed system.
  7. 1. Of the open or closed system interface, which is safest for the pt and which is safest for the anesthesia provider?
    • 1. Open system - bc there is no risk for pressure buildup.
    • 2. Closed system.
  8. 1. Open systems should only be used with active of passive scavenging?
    2. Is it normal to have hissing? Danger of this?
    • 1. Active
    • 2. Yes. Dangers is that you cant tell if there is a leak d/t constant normal hissing
  9. 1. What is a closed system interface?
    2. Is hissing normal in the closed system? When will it be heard?
    3. How should the vacuum be adjusted?
    • 1. communicates with atmosphere only through valves.
    • 2. No
    •      - It will be heard if vaccum is too weak or adjustment valve is closed.
    • 3. so that the bag is neither flat or fully inflated
  10. What happens if Negative pressure is too High?
    • 1. - pressure relief valve opens at -0.25 cm H20.
    • 2. Room air enters scavenger to "break" vacuum.
    • 3. scavenging bag will be collapsed flat.
  11. 1. What is the fx of the reservoir bag?
    2. What happens during mechanical inspiration?
    3. What happens during expiration?
    • 1. provides a buffer that handles surges of gas with peak inflow rates > than the continuous outflow to the vacuum line.
    • 2. Gas is slowly sucked from bag
    • 3. Bag fills d/t momentary high inflow rates greater than suction rate
  12. 1. If scavenger system fails, what 2 actions should you do?
    • 1. Disconnect the gas collection tube from back of APL (pop-off) valve.
    • 2. turn off scavenger interface.
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