Physical and Genetic Map

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  1. What plants have had whole-genome integrated physical-genetic maps made for them?
    Arabidopsis thaliana (Marra et al. 1999), sorghum (Klein et al. 2000), corn (Coe et al. 2002) and soybean (Wu et al. 2004)
  2. What components are needed to develop an integrated genetic and physical map resource for plant genomes?
    • 1. A high resolutions DNA marker map that provides essential genetic anchor points for ordering the physical map and for utilizing comparative information from other genomes
    • 2. A large-insert DNA library with ordered clones
    • 3. A set of bioinformatics tools that allow the integration of several databases to store, search, analyze, and display the integrated physical-genetic map.
  3. How can anchoring large-insert DNA clones and contigs with genetically mapped probes and DNA markers sequences be achieved?
    • 1. PCR-based integration of large-insert DNA pools with DNA markers
    • 2. Hybridization of DNA probes to large-insert DNA filters.
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