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    • what are the system requirements with symantic 32-bit version
    • windows 2000 server
    • advanced server
    • datacenter server
    • small business server with service pack 3 or later
  1. what is the hardware requirements for symantic 32-bit version
    • 1GB RAM
    • 4GB on the hard disk for the server, plus 4GB for the database
    • VGA
  2. what is the hardware requirement for symantic 64-bit version
    • 1GB RAM : 4GB RAM minimum for all editions of windows small business server 2008 and windows essential business server 2008
    • 4GB on the hard disk for the server, plus 4GB for the database: small business server 2008: 60GB for the server: essential business server 2008: 45 GB for the server
    • VGA
  3. when installing and configuring the SEP manager in symatic the embedded database supports up to how many clients
  4. to help manage the network, the symantec endpoint protection manager console provides the following types of administrator roles what are they
    • system administrator
    • administrator
    • limited administrator
  5. what are the important symantec ghost solution suite
    • symantec ghost
    • symantic user migration
  6. what is the ghostcasting
    • it is a symantic ghost feature
    • uses the ghostcasting feature to clone computer efficiently and to help minimize the impact on network traffic
  7. symantec ghost concepts basic features are what
    • backing up
    • restoring
    • cloning
  8. the functions occurs in what following ways
    • directly
    • indirectly
  9. where are symantec ghost cloning functionality in
  10. what are the ways a user can deliver the image files
    • unicast
    • directed broadcast
    • multicast
  11. what are the different ghost partitions
    • ghost virtual partition
    • ghost boot partition
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