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  1. How many steps are there in the ST?
  2. What is the music & tempos?
    • Music: Whistle ower the Lave o't
    • Tempo (Slow): 92 - 104 beats
    • Tempo (Quick): 112-124
  3. Can you spring into a shake?
    No, a shake must be executed with a hop.
  4. What is the general impression that should be given in this dance?
    Graceful & flowing exposition of HD
  5. When executing a 4 shuffle break in the 4th bar of any step, what foot do you spring or hop on? 8th bar?
    The left, and right foot for 8th bar
  6. Need to add all linking of steps here
  7. Intro
    • Bars 1 & 2: Stand as for bow
    • Bar 3: Bow (count 1, 2, 3, 4)
    • Bar 4: Step LF towards 2nd pos, making 1/8th turn to the right taking the weight of the body on LF (flat) (count 5). Step RF to 4th rear pos (flat) to finish w/ LF pointed in 4th pos (count 6). Stand, taking arms to 5th pos then raise them up in front of the body to 4th pos, & carry them out to 3rd pos (count 7, 8 )
  8. In the 1st step,
  9. 1st step
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