IHS Medical Gas Sources

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  1. What does the DOT require to be on every cylinder? why?
    a specific letter/number combination that tells them things like the psig, serial number, manufacturer an owner's symbol
  2. What does the United States Pharmacopeia regulate?
    the purity and potency of medical gases
  3. What does the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetics Act regulate?
    medical gases in containers
  4. What does the American National Standards Institute regulate?
    Performance a safety requirements of: 

    • Components of the anesthesia machine
    • ETT and connections¬†
    • Pressure and vacuum
    • Gas pressure regulators
  5. What do NIOSH and OSHA regulate?
    occupational exposure
  6. What does the ASTM F1850 regulate?
    anesthesia machine standards
  7. What is the limit for halogenated agents? nitrous?
    • 2 ppm halogenated
    • 25 ppm nitrous
  8. How do you know what is inside a tank?
    color AND label
  9. In the US, what color is oxygen? air? nitrous?
    • oxygen - green
    • air - yellow
    • nitrous - blue
  10. What is psig?
    pounds per square inch gauge - the difference between measured pressure and surrounding atmospheric pressure
  11. What 4 gases are non-liquefied at room temp?
    O2, N2, helium, air
  12. What 2 gases will partially enter a liquid state at room air?
    CO2 and N2O
  13. What is a cryogenic liquid?
    a gas that becomes a liquid at an extremely reduced temperature
  14. What is the critical temp for O2 and the corresponding pressure?
    • Temp: -119 C
    • 731 psi
  15. What is required of a hospital regarding supply of gas?
    They must have a full day of backup supply either in liquid stand tank or cylinder gas manifold
  16. What is the critical temp for N2O?
    36.5 C
  17. What is the capacity of and O2 E cylinder?
    625 - 700 Liters
  18. What is the capacity of an air E cylinder?
    625 - 700 Liters
  19. What is the capacity of a N2O E cylinder?
    1590 Liters
  20. Does the pressure within an E cylinder of N2O tell you what volume is remaining?
    No - because liquid n2o is continuous being converted into gaseous n2o the pressure will remain elevated until the liquid supply has been depleted
  21. Does the pressure in an E cylinder of O2 tell you what volume is remaining?
    Yes - because ALL contents are in vapor state
  22. What is the purpose of a cylinder safety relief valve? what 3 types are there? describe.
    to vent excess pressure and prevent explosion

    • 1) Frangible - ruptures at specific pressure
    • 2) Fusible plug - melts at a specific temp
    • 3) spring loaded - opens at specific pressure
  23. What is the purpose of the PISS?
    prevents accidental rearrangement of cylinders
  24. What is the purpose of the check valves?
    to control the pressure of gases coming in
  25. What do you do if you have inadequate or excessive pipeline pressure?
    Disconnect pipeline and open e cylinder
  26. What do you do if you hear a hissing sound when you open the tank?
    There is a leak - tighten connection
  27. Can you take a normal e cylinder into MRI?
    No - must obtain an aluminum tank
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