ADH III CH.26 Assessment of Cardiovascular Fx

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  1. what is stroke vol?
    amt of blood ejected w/heartbeat
  2. What is cardiac output?
    amt of blood the ventricles spit out in liters/min
  3. What is preload?
    the amount of stretch the heart does when filling
  4. What is afterload?
    resistance that's met when the heart sends blood to body
  5. What is ejection fraction?
    % of blood sent with each heartbeat.
  6. What is the formula to calc. CO (cardiac output)?
    CO=SV x HR
  7. You got a pt with gallbladder pain, what else can you be thinking?
    radiating pain form gallbladder can feel like chest pains from an MI
  8. You got a pt with chest pains. Chest pains? MONA. What are you giving to relieve that pain?

    You give that stuff, what do you monitor bc you gave that stuff?
    nitro. monitor BP and HR bc that're going to drop.
  9. How often do you have to go for a "check up" for a person with a healthy heart?
    5 years.
  10. What does the BNP lab value make you think of?
  11. What does the C-reactive protein make you think of?
    inflammation (asthma, arthritis, lupus)
  12. what
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ADH III 26 Assessment Cardiovascular Fx

ADH III CH.26 Assessment of Cardiovascular Fx
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