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  1. type 1, 2a, 2b muscle fibers
    • type 1: slow twitch, slow contraction, low force/tension production, highly resistant to fatigue
    • type 2a: fast contraction, fatigue resistant
    • type 2b: fast, high force production, quick to fatigue
  2. contraindications for resistance exercise
    • inflammation (resistance can increase swelling --> damage)
    • pain during exercise or > 24 hours after
  3. how long to hold isometrics?
    at least 6 sec
  4. valsalva's effect intrathoracic pressure, HR, return of blood to heart, venous pressure, cardiac work
    • increase¬†
    • decrease
    • decrease
    • decrease¬†
    • decrease
  5. how much rest required to return muscle to 90-95% of pre-exercise capacity?
    3-4 min
  6. force and O2 consumption in ec vs concentric contractions
    • eccentric -- produces more force
    • concentric -- consumes more O2
  7. minute vent at rest
    max minute vent
    • 6 L/min
    • 200 L/min
  8. how long until you get acclimatization to heat stress/exercise
    10 days
  9. ballistic stretching
    • high intensity short duration "bouncing" stretch performed by contracting the antagonist
    • considered unsafe - can --> rupture, and it triggers the stretch reflex, causing increased tension in muscle being stretched
  10. sarcomere change 2/2 stretching?
    they increase -- you'll have more in a lengthened muscle and fewer in a contracted one
  11. goglgi tendon organ does when when there's a lot of stretch?
    • inhibits alpha motoneuron activity (inhibits the muscle via autogenic inhibition)
    • decreases tension in muscle
    • lets muscle lengthen
    • works best w slow stretching
  12. quick-stretch stims what?
    alpha motoneurons, fascilitation muslce contraction via monosynaptic stretch reflex --> increased tension in the muscle you're trying to stretch
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