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  1. What are 4 causes of hypoxia?
    • 1) hypoxic inspired gas mixture
    • 2) problems with flow control valve or flowmeters
    • 3) Oxygen leak to atmosphere
    • 4) air entrainment
  2. What must be done if you suspect pipeline oxygen is delivering less than 100% oxygen?
    Open backup cylinder and disconnect from the wall
  3. What is the function of the oxygen ratio device?
    Prevent <25% oxygen delivery with nitrous
  4. How can air be entrained into the system?
    Pressure loss in the breathing system below atmospheric pressure allows air to be drawn in via leak or disconnection
  5. What can cause a low inflow of gas into the system?
    Loss of pipeline pressure
  6. What is the course of action when you lose pipeline pressure?
    • Open tank
    • Disconnect from wall
    • Hand ventilate
  7. What do you do if cylinder fails to pressurize the machine?
    Verify it's open all the way and securely connected
  8. What do you do if you suspect a leak in the system?
    • Systematic search of machine and breathing system following the route of gas travel
    • Use alcohol on ungloved hands to feel for leaks - rapid cooling as alcohol evaporates
  9. Where is a good place for a system leak?
    CO2 absorber
  10. What are causes of hypercapnia?
    • 1) hypoventilation
    • 2) exhausted soda lime
    • 3) too low gas flow
  11. What will detect rebreathing CO2?
    Capnography - will not return to baseline
  12. What is a major cause of high gas inflow causing excessive airway pressure?
    • Oxygen flush valve stuck on - especially bad if APL valve not all the way open in manual ventilation mode
    • Using oxygen flush on INSPIRATION during mechanical ventilation
  13. Besides use, what can cause dessicated absorbent?
    Machine left with no circuit attached
  14. What agent in particular will produce significant amounts of CO when interacting with soda lime?
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