Vis 21B Midterm: Part of China

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    • Bowl Painted with Human Face and Fish
    • Painted Pottery
    • Banpo, Shaanxi
    • Early Yangshao Culture (Painted Pottery Culture), Neolithic Period
    • Ding, Ritual Food Vessel
    • Bronze
    • Anyang Phase, Late Shang Period
    • Fang Hu
    • Bronze
    • Eastern Zhao Dynasty
    • Figure Standing on a Pedestal
    • Bronze
    • Sanxingdui Pit 2, Guanghan, Sichuan
    • Late Shang Period
    • Gu Beaker
    • Black Pottery
    • Weifang, Shandong
    • Longshan Culture (Black Pottery Culture), Neolitihic Period
    • Li He, Ritual Wine Vessel
    • Bronze
    • Zhengzhou Phase, Early Shang Period
    • Mirror
    • Bronze inlaid with Gold and Silver
    • Jincun, Henen
    • Eastern Zhou Period
    • Mythical Animal
    • Bronze inlaid with silver
    • Royal tomb in Zhongshan, Hebei
    • Eastern Zhou, Warring States Period
    • Prismatic Tube (Cong)
    • Nephrite Jade
    • Tomb #12, Yuhang Zhejiang
    • Liangzhu Culture, Neolithic Period
    • Square Ding, Ritual Food Vessel, Inscribed "Fu hao"
    • Bronze
    • Excavated Wuguancun, Anyang, Henan
    • Late Shang Period

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Vis 21B Midterm: Part of China
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Art History China

Vis 21B Midterm cards for part of Chinese art
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