Govt 2305 Chap 6

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  1. Know the roles of mass media in a democracy
    • watchdog over government
    • clarifying electoral choices
    • providing policy information
  2. Understand the significance of alternative media
    • internet
    • podcasts
  3. Understand the significance of the term media monopoly
    used to suggest that media corporations are so large, powerful and interconnected that the less economically and politically powerful cannot have their views aired
  4. Understand how the media has become uniform and the result of this reality
    most newspapers and television stations depend largely on the same sources for news
  5. Understand the significance of the Associated Press (AP).
    supplies most of the main national and international news stories for newspapers and local news, even those that are rewritten to carry a local reporter's byline
  6. In terms of geography, what does the national news tend to consist of?
    Washington DC and New York
  7. What is most political news?
    • based on what public officials say
    • reporters work will be organized around a particular beat (location where info is normally gathered) that they check daily for stories, ex: white house, police station, etc.
  8. Explain what form of reporting was used in Watergate.  Is it rare today?
    • investigative reporting
    • yes, it's rare because it's time-consuming and expensive
  9. Know what factors constitute newsworthiness.
    • novely
    • drama and human interest
    • relevance to the lives of Americans
    • high stakes (physical violence or conflict)
    • celebrity
  10. Understand what objective reporting entails.
    • explicit interpretations are avoided by journalists
    • cannot say directly that someone is lying, but find and interview someone that will
  11. Are the owners of media entities liberal or conservative?
  12. Understand the significance of nationalism when discussing the media.
    coverage of foreign news generally harmonizes well with official U.S. foreign policy
  13. Understand agenda setting.
    • influencing people's opinions about what is important
    • topics that get the most coverage end up being the ones people care about most
  14. Know what it means to frame a story.
    • interpretation of stories
    • looting -vs- foraging in katrina
    • laziness -vs- economy regarding poverty
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