Day 45

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  1. abound
    v. overflow, fill with, teem, swarm with 풍부하다, 가득 차다

    Wild dolphins abound in Canada's Bay of Fundy.
  2. abstract
    adj. theoretical, notional         추상적인, 이론적인
  3. afflication
    n. woe, distress, sorrow, anguish   고뇌, 고통

    Her mother's death caused afflication to Kate's soul.
  4. attachment
    n. emotional connection                애착
  5. beckon
    v. invite, call, summon           호출하다, 손짓하다, 부르다

    The restaurant's owner beckoned the waiter over with a wave of his hand.
  6. complicate
    v. make difficult, entangle, involve     복잡하게 하다
  7. consecutive
    adj. successive, sequential            연속적인, 연이은

    The economy has been shrinking for three consecutive years due to high oil prices.
  8. consist of
    phr. be made up of            ~로 구성되다
  9. coordination
    n. the harmonious functioning of parts  공동작용, 조직, 합동

    Ballet dancers must develop great physical coordination.
  10. crowd
    n. throng, multitude, group, mass, host  군중, 무리 
  11. doctrine
    n. principle, tenet, dogma        원칙, 교리, 주의
  12. drastically
    adv. strikingly, severly, extremely    극심하게
  13. elegant
    adj. sophisticated, delicate, polished   우아한, 세련된
  14. entity
    n. object, thing, individual        독립체, 개체, 실체

    The company is no longer independent entity.
  15. era
    n. epoch, period, age                       시대
  16. established
    adj. certain, definite                확정된, 인정받은

    The fact that America has an established church-going population says something important about its national values.
  17. facet
    n. aspect                                   양상, 측면

    All individuals show different facets of their personalities, depending on their audience.
  18. flourish
    v. thrive, prosper, blossom            번성하다, 번창하다

    Watercolor painting began to flourish in Britain around 1750.
  19. hue
    n. tint, color, shade                     빛깔, 색

    The jewel shone with every hue under the lamp light.
  20. impair
    v, damage, injure, deteriorate     손상시키다, 약하게 하다

    Lack of sleep impaired Jane's concentraiion.
  21. inevitably
    adv. without exception, unavoidably, necessarily                             불가피하게

    Large-scale printing of currency leads inevitably to inflation.
  22. infinite
    adj. unlimited, limitless, immeasurable, boundless                           무한한, 끝없는

    Scientists disagree as to whether the universe is infinite.
  23. inflame
    v. anger, arouse             노하게 하다, 자극하다, 흥분(격앙)시키다

    Inflamed by the salary cut, many of the workers walked out of the factory in protest.
  24. influential
    adj. important, powerful, potent     영향력 있는, 유력한
  25. jeopardize
    v. threaten, endanger               위태롭게 하다
  26. marvel
    n. wonder                         경이로움
  27. monotonous
    adj. tedious, boring, dull, unvaried     단조로운
  28. notable
    adj. remarkable, important, outstanding, noteworthy                           주목할만한
  29. novelty
    n. originality, freshness, newness, uniqueness                            참신함, 진기함

    Fruits such as oranges and apples are novelties in some African countries.
  30. oath
    n. promise, vow, pledge                      맹세
  31. on the contrary
    phr. conversely                           반대로
  32. photosynthesis
    n. the production of special sugar-like substances that keeps plants alive   광합성
  33. prodigious
    adj. wonderful, marvelous, amazing   경이로운, 엄청난, 굉장한

    Many were amazed by Tom's prodigious musical talent.
  34. remedy
    n. cure, treatment                치료(법)
  35. speculate about
    phr. hypothesize                추측하다, 가정하다

    The rookie failed to score in his first two games in regular-season, leaving some to speculate about his ability.
  36. strictly
    adv. 1. tightly, severely, precisely   엄격하게, 엄밀히

    adv. 2. only                          순전히
  37. trend
    n. tendency, direction, inclination      경향
  38. unencumbered by
    phr. free of                   ~에 의해 방해받지 않는

    Children are unencumbered by the concerns of the world.
  39. unwonted
    adj. unusual, unordinary, extraordinary 보통이 아닌, 드문               

    The jeweler said that it is unwonted to find diamonds this large.
  40. vexing
    adj. difficult, annoying, irritating      성가신, 짜증나는

    Nothing is more vexing than slow service in a restaurant when one is hungry.
  41. votary
    n. devotee, admirer, faithful follower   (특정 종교의) 신봉자, 숭배자

    Votaries of Judaism suffered persecution by Hitler.
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