Louisiana area projectile points

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    • Bulverde
    • large straight-sided triangular blade, pronounced square to barbed shoulders, and a square stem with a straight base
    • occurs in central and eastern Texas into western Louisiana.
    • Terminal Middle Archaic/initial Late Archaic age
    • 5700 to 5100 b.p./5000 to 4500 rcbp
    • Birds Creek Cluster
    • terminal Middle Archaic and initial Late Archaic (ca. 6300–3770 b.p./5500–3500 rcbp)
    • Basal morphology is uniformly convex, but not strongly so, and never concave
    • Carolton
    • stem and basal area are frequently smoothed
    • occurs in northeastern Texas into western Louisiana
    • Terminal Archaic Barbed cluster (4500–4000 rcbp)
    • Kent
    • Late Archaic through the Middle Woodland period (ca. 2500–1366/4000–1500 rcbp)
    • characterized by a square to slightly contracting stem
    • Pontchartrain
    • ca. 3500 to 2000 b.p. is inferred in Louisiana
    • found more in eastern Louisiana (Poverty Point)
  1. Kirk corner
  2. Edgewood
  3. Bayougoukla
  4. Gary
  5. Friley

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Louisiana area projectile points
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Louisiana area projectile points
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