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  1. Which of the following protocols is used to authenticate the
    client and server’s digital certificate?
  2. access controls based on security classification and need to know best describes this level of access control?
    Mandatory Access Control
  3. Security officer receives reports of unauthorized personnel having access codes to the cipher locks of secure areas.  What should immediately be implemented?
    Physical Security Controls or Security Awareness Training?
  4. An encrypted message is sent using PKI from client to server.  Client claims it never sent the message.  Which attribute of PKI best ensures the identity of the sender?

    Trust models
    Recovery agents
  5. Which of the issues could cause a browser to display "The security certificate presented by this website was issued for a different website's address?
    -The website cert was issued by a different CA than what the browser recognizes in its trusted CAs
    -The website is using an expired self signed cert
    -HTTPS:// was used instead of HTTPS://localhost
    -HTTPS:// was used instead of HTTPS://localhost
  6. Which of the following security concepts would the security admin use to mitigate the risk of data loss?
    -cloud computing
    -routine log review
    -clean desk policy
    clean desk policy
  7. What is two-factor authentication?
    something you know, something you have, something you are
  8. What port is used for passive FTP
  9. which of the following mitigation strategies is established to reduce risk when performing updates to business systems?
    -Incident management
    -server clustering
    -change management
    -forensic analysis
    Change management
  10. which of the following should a security manager implement to reduce the risk of employees working in collusion to embezzle funds from their company?
    -least privilege
    -acceptable use
    -mandatory vacation
    mandatory vacations
  11. Which of the following protocols uses asymmetric key to open a session and then establishes a symmetric key for the remainder of the session?
  12. in reviewing logs from hosts across the internet used to gather information on new malware.  What is this?
    -vulnerability scanner
    -protocol analyzer
    -port scanner
  13. 2 best methods to protect against lost mobile device
    -screen lock PIN
    -remote wipe
    -device encryption
    • Pin
    • encryption
  14. Which attack is used to gain access to SEH?
    -cookie stealing
    -buffer overflow
    -directory traversal
    -XML injection
    SEH= structured error handling

    Buffer overflow
  15. Bluesnarfing versus bluejacking
    bluejacking- sending unsolicited messages via bluetooth

    bluesnarfing- stealing data via bluetooth
  16. Which of the following is synonymous with a servers certificate?

    -public key
    -Private key
    -Recovery Agent
    public key
  17. Which uses UDP?
  18. The head hancho is concerned with moving an application to a cloud.  Which of the following can be implemented to provide for data confidentiality assurance during and after the migration to the cloud?

    -HPM technology
    -Full Disk Encryption
    -DLP technology
    -TPM technology
    HPM technology
  19. Which of the following protocols is used in this capture?
    12:33:43, SRC, DST, SYN/ACK

  20. A workstation acts strangely.  It is communicating with a known malicious destination over an encrypted tunnel.  An antivirus scan doesn’t result in anything.  That happened on the workstation?

    -Zero-day attack
    -known malware infection
    -session hijacking
    -cookie stealing
    Zero-day attack
  21. A router has a single Ethernet connection to a switch.  In the router configuration, the Ethernet interface has 3 sub-interfaces, each configured with ACLs applied to them in 802.1 q trunks.  Which of the following is most likely the reason for the sub-interfaces?

    -network uses the subnet of
    -The switch has several VLANs configured on it
    -The sub-interfaces are configured for VoIP traffic
    -The sub-interfaces each implement quality of service
    The switch has several VLANs configured on it
  22. Company employees are required to have workstation client certificates to access a bank website.  These certs were backed up as a precautionary step before the new computer upgrade.  After the upgrade and restoration, users sate they can access the bank’s website but not login.  Which is the most likely the issue?

    -The IP address of the clients have changed
    -The client certificates have expired on the server
    -The certificates have not been installed on the workstations
    -The certificates have been installed on the CA
    The certificates have not been installed on the workstations
  23. During a routine audit a web server is flagged for allowing the use of weak ciphers.  Which TWO should be disabled to mitigate risk?

    -SSL 1.0
    -SSL 3.0
    DES and SSL 1.0
  24. A malicious program modified entries in the LMHOSTS file of an infected system.  Which of the following protocols would have been affected?

  25. Which of the following assets is MOST likely considered for DLP?

    -Application server content
    -USB mass storage devices
    -Reverse proxy
    -Print Server
    USB Storage
  26. Cross site scripting versus cross site forgery
    CSS is when a page uses scripts within itself to misuse information within the page

    CSF or “one click attack” gets you to click a link via e-mail, IM, or within the page and then tries to hijack cached credentials (i.e. authentication cookie)
  27. Digital signatures provides which of the following?

  28. Which of the following allows a network admin to implement an access control policy based on individual user characteristic and NOT on job function?

    -Attributes based
    -Implicit Deny
    -Role based
    -Rule based
    Attributes based
  29. RADIUS provides which of the following?

    -authentication, authorization, availability
    - authentication, authorization, auditing
    - authentication, accounting, auditing
    -authentication, authorization, accounting
    authentication, authorization, accounting
  30. Which of the following offers the LEAST secure encryption capabilities?

  31. Which of the following network architecture concepts is used to securely isolate at the boundary between networks?

  32. During a security assessment, an administrator wishes to see which series are running on a remote server.  Which of the following should the admin use?

    -Port scanner
    -network sniffer
    -protocol analyzer
    -process list
    Port scanner
  33. look up securing VMs
  34. which of these provides additional encryption strength by repeating the encryption process with additional keys?

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