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  1. ___________ is a constant occurrence in contemporary society.
  2. ________________ SD is concerned with changing the behavior and attitudes of teachers and staff.
    Results driven
  3. The _______________ approach to administration recognizes the interrelatedness of all components of a school and system.
  4. ________________ is based on the premise that learners build knowledge structures in their minds.
  5. The most effective structure to staff development is the _______.
  6. When the focus is placed on __________, all stakeholders see their responsibilities in a different light.
  7. Teachers, administrators, and staff members must collaboratively discourse and investigate what students _____ to learn, how to _________ the learning, and how to _____ students who have difficulty learning.
    • Need
    • Assess
    • Help
  8. The domain of staff development is to _____ members of the organization and not let them remain __________
    • Grow
    • Static
  9. Staff development usually consists of learning through ____________ and ________________.
    • Training
    • Education
  10. A _____________ initiates action. The learner answering the question is a ____________. Feedback is given known as __________________, and the end result advances the individual which creates ________________________. These are the four basic components of learning.
    • Stimulus
    • Response
    • Reinforcement
    • Motivation
  11. A common thread connecting all these models is the goal of producing effective_______________ through clinical supervision.
  12. The primary purpose of a staff development program is to increase the __________________________ of employees and thereby increase the potential of the school district to attain its goals and objectives.
    Knowledge & skills
  13. The research on staff development programs generally agrees that ____________________ should be provided.
  14. 15. Most________________ takes place on the job.
  15. The oldest form of training is the --------------.
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