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  1. The last decade has ushered in a dramatic change in the entire concept of quality teaching that is centered on the relationship among teacher ------, teacher -------, teaching --------, and educational outcomes. In addition, an ongoing trend requires more ------ at all levels of performance.
    • Qualifications
    • Preparation
    • Performance
    • Accountability
  2. Evaluation by ------------ has become touchstone.
  3. All personnel should be ---------.
  4. ---------------------- is an important element because it ensures ------- and the positive effects of performance evaluation.
    • Procedural due process
    • Fairness
  5. ----------- addresses the human interaction between teachers and administrators.
  6. The three major divisions inmost school districts are ------------, ---------------, and -----------------.
    • Human resources
    • Instruction
    • Support services
  7. A concern often voiced by employees is that they were not adequately -------- about the evaluation process.
  8. A school district has 2 distinct groups of employees: ------------ and ------------.
    • Classified
    • Professional
  9. Evaluation of all employees is ------------- and ongoing.
  10. The basic format of a evaluation instrument has certain ---------- overtones.
  11. The ------ approach rates the employee against a predetermined list of indicators.
  12. The ------ method compares the employee's performance to goals and objectives.
  13. ---------------------- play an important role in constructing appraisal instruments and in developing objectives.
    Job descriptions
  14. The job requirements of a position re the ---------- parameters within which an ------------- can be conducted.
    • Legal
    • Evaluation
  15. The term -------------- refers to a condition in an organization created by employees conducting themselves according to the rules and regulations of the organization in a socially accepted manner.
  16. There are 2 areas of misconduct that call for some action on the part of management: ------------------- and ---------------------.
    • Excessive absences
    • Inappropriate on-the-job behavior
  17. Action taken to correct problems with employees must be ---------------- in order to withstand due process.
  18. ------------- is probably the most difficult decision made by a principal.
  19. Immoral conduct must be judged within the context of local standards, but that judgment also must be ----------- and ------------ with recent court decisions.
    • Reasonable
    • Consistent
  20. Illegal ------------ acts with a student are cause for immediate dismissal.
  21. --------------- is a justifiable practice during the investigation.
  22. -------------- in the line of duty is always a cause for dismissal.
  23. ------------ is perhaps the most difficult cause to document in termination.
  24. Prostitution is usually classified as a ----------------.
  25. After a behavior has been identified that could result in the termination of an employee, the next step is -------------.
  26. ------------------ is one right that has been a fundamental principle in English common law and is basic to the legal procedures of American democracy.
    Due process
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