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  1. The system of -------- and universal elementary and secondary education in the US is one of our nation's unique and distinguishing characteristics. It is generally considered to be our greatest safeguard of ----------------- and the best guarantee for the ------------------ and ------------------ welfare of our citizens.
    • Free
    • Freedom
    • Economic
    • Social
  2. Through the ----------- branch, Congress provides funds that support special services and programs in local school districts.
  3. The many Supreme Court decisions affecting education testify to the influence of the ------------ branch of the federal government on our schools.
  4. All state legislatures have delegated certain aspects of this authority to local units, --------------------------
    Boards of Education
  5. To ensure some control over local units, states have established ------------------ educational program requirements and -------------------------- requirements and have provided ------------------------ to help finance education.
    • Minimum
    • Teacher certification
    • State funds
  6. Local boards of education create -------------- to govern school districts.
  7. NCLB reauthorized ESEA and for the first time federal legislation mandated student --------------.
  8. ------------- are the initiators and implement ears of all reforms, and all reforms begin with a --------------.
    • People
    • Vision
  9. --------------------- is the social process of managing human, financial, and material resources toward the fulfillment of a mission.
  10. Because boards make policies, --------------- implement policy.
  11. Human resource administrator,s main goals are --------------, ------------------, ------------------ & ------------ personnel in order to achieve the objectives of the s hook district.
    • Hiring
    • Retaining
    • Developing
    • Motivating
  12. Human resource administration operates within a milieu that is very -----------, --------------, and ----------.
    • Complex
    • Ambiguous
    • Stressful
  13. Transcendence means a way of life dedicated to ----------------- within and on behalf of the academic community and profession rather than simply finding a position to make a living.
  14. The basic premise of transcendental leadership is that a person acts from a ---------------------- of who he or she is as a human being.
    Core or totality
  15. Everything begins with -----------------.
  16. The principle of ------------------- states that decisions should be made at the lowest level possible .
  17. ----------------- and --------------------- are the primary tools that will help administrators find the balance that is required at a given time.
    • Reflection
    • Common sense
  18. ---------------- is the guide that regulates how people live out their lives as members of a community.
  19. ---------------- is the basis of all discourse.
  20. ------------------ introduced the concept of TQM to the Japanese.
    W.E. Deming
  21. Quality circles in education are -----------------//-.
    Professional learning communities
  22. The "Hawthorne Effect" has taught us that employees must feel ------------ and ------------.
    • Valued
    • Appreciated
  23. ---------------- must be a component in every dimension of HR management.
  24. ------------------ focuses on those functions of HRA that are operationalized through the use of technology.
    Cyber ethics
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