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  1. exercise/rest ratio for inpatient with coronary artery disease after mild MI
    for out patient initially?
    • 1:1
    • 2:1
    • 5:1 may be achieved later
  2. pos that'll irritate spondylolysis/spotty dog fracture
    ext, ipslat lat flexion, contralat rot
  3. paronychia
    char by
    2/2 what?
    • inflam to prox and lat nail folds
    • char by red, swollen, tender folds
    • usually 2/2 bacterial or fungal infection
  4. psoriasis appears how in nails?
    • small pits in nails
    • circumspribed yellowis tan discoloration (oil spot lesion)
  5. exaggerated increase in HR upon standing may indicate what?
    volume depletion
  6. when can a total contact cast be used for a diabetic foot ulcer
    when there's no necrotic tissue
  7. panafil is what?
    a keratolytic enszymeused for selective debridementa greenish or yellowish exudate can be expected
  8. asthenia
    abnormal weakness or lack of energy
  9. cardinal symptom of Addison's disease
  10. babysitters/nursemaid's elbow
    inferior sublus of radial head from annular ligament 2/2 forceful longitudinal pull of forearm in a child
  11. CF is a disorder of what glands
    • exocrine -- of hepatic, digestive, respiratory systems
    • early symptom: excessive appetite and wt loss
  12. hypertrophic scarring looks how
    • thick/raised
    • red/pink
  13. atrophic scars look how
    • think
    • white
  14. excoriation
    an abrasion or scratch mark
  15. scale (in terms of marks on skin)
    a lfake of exfoliated epidermis (dandruff, psoriasis, dry skin)
  16. "brief intense TENS" is for what
    • rapid-onset, short term relief during painful procedures
    • similar to conventional tens, but the current intensity is increased to pt's tolerance
  17. PNF chop
    • lead arm  moves in D1E,  other hand holding the wrist
    • use the motion to facilitate supine <--> long sit

    reverse chop: D1F
  18. PNF lift
    • sitting, lead arm doing D2F
    • reverse lift: D2E
  19. "thrust" in PNF
    "reverse thrust"
    • thrust - arm is crossing the body
    • reverse thrust - arm is coming to side of its shoulder
    • the prox and distal arm are in opposite patterns
  20. appropriate initial exercise prescription for asymptomatic elderly w general deconditioning
    HR max
    VO2 max
    HR reserve
    how often
    • 60-90% HR max
    • which equals
    • 50-85% VO2max or HR reserve
    • duration: discontinuous
    • most days of week
  21. scleroderma
    • progressive systemic sclerosis (hardening of skin)
    • an autoimmune rheumatic disease
    • chronic, diffuse disease of connective tissue --> fibrosis of skin, joints, blood vessels, internal organs
    • char by symmetrical skin thickening, visceral involvement, hypersensitivity to touch
    • not contagious
  22. scleroderma is char by
    char by symmetrical skin thickening, visceral involvement, hypersensitivity to touch
  23. how to best treat scleroderma initially
    exercise in pool -- it'll enhance mvmnt and reduce pain
  24. foot pos for SLR that biases the tibial nerve
    DF and eversion
  25. foot pos for SLR that biases the sural nerve
    • DF and inv
    • it's a sensory nerve w branches from tibia and common fibular nerves
    • post/lat corner of leg, lat foot, 5th toe
  26. foot pos for SLR that biases the peroneal nerve
    PF and inv
  27. what stage COPD needs supplemental O2?
  28. piriformis muscle does what?
    becomes overworked if foot does what?
    • ER
    • excessive pronation
  29. s&s of piriformis syndrome
    • restrictions in IR
    • pain on palpation
    • referred pain to post thigh
    • weak ER
    • uneven sacral base

    compression of sciatic n a/o sacroiliac dysfunction
  30. FAIR test
    • flexion, adduction, IR
    • assesses piriformis syndrome
    • (piriformis does ER)
  31. safe/effective ranges for pressure for wound irrigation
    4-15 PSI
  32. primary pos to avoid if there's spondylolisthesis
  33. diff btwn carpal tunnel and pronater teres syndrome
    PTS will also have deficits in flexors of wrists and fingers
  34. impact of valsalva
    • increases intrathoracic pressures
    • decreases HR
    • decreases return of blood to heart
    • increases venous pressure
  35. appearance of arterial vs venous insufficiency
    • arterial: pale when elevated, red when lower (pos rubor of dependency test)
    • venous: aching calf w prolonged standing, pos percussion test in standing, pos Trendelenburg's test (retrograde filling test), skin is dark and bluish
  36. signs of acute DVT
    aching calf, edema, muscle tenderness
  37. functional reach score < what is indicative of falls risk
    < 10
  38. what POMA/Tinetti score indicates falls risk
    • <19
    • the test is out of 28
  39. cholecystitis
    inflam of gallbladder
  40. cholelithiasis
  41. Murphy's sign
    • put hand on R abdomen under ribs (over gallbladder) and have pt inhale
    • pos: pt stops breathing or winces
    • sign of: cholecystitis / inflam of gallbladder - it hurt when it was pushed down into PT's hand
  42. Choledocholithiasis
    gallstones in common bile duct
  43. pyelonephritis
    kidney inflammation
  44. Rovsing's sign
    • pain in R lower quadrant during L-sided pressure
    • sign of inflamed appendix
  45. how does peritoneal inflam present?
    abdominal pain on coughing or w light percussion
  46. how does a ventral hernia present
    bulge in abdomial wall
  47. when to use supplemental O2 
    • <88%
    • < 55 mmHg
  48. short stretch compression wrapping (comprilan) 
    low resting pressure and high working pressure, so it's good for lymphedemia, can help improve the activity of lympangion (contractile unit of lymph system), and facils increased return during muscle pumping activity
  49. long-stretch compression wrap (ace)
    • high resting and low working pressure, so there's a risk of it becoming a tourniquet
    • no good for lymphedema

    (custom-made low-elastic garments should only be made when there's a plateau, after about 4-6 months)
  50. allodynia
    perception of ordinary stim as painful
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