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  1. Utopia
    an imaginary perfect world
  2. dystopia
    a negative, pessimistic vision of a future world
  3. classical liberals
    believe that the main function of government is to protect an individual's natural rights such as the rights to life, liberty, and property. Any laws created by government can be legitimized only by the consent of the majority.
  4. Modern liberals
    call for broader social protection and guarantees of civil liberties equal rights, and transparent government
  5. As the working class obtained the right to vote politicians made promises to introduce policies such as establishing ______, initiating workplace safety standards, and allowing labor unions.
    labor laws
  6. Positive freedom
    "freedom of" as in freedom of religion, freedom of expression, freedom of the press, and freedom of association.
  7. negative freedom
    is commonly called " freedom from" as in freedom from tyranny, fear, hunger, and discrimination. It is the freedom to not be negatively interfered with by others.
  8. Environmentalism
    is an ethical ideology that focuses on protecting the natural environment and lessening the harmful effects of human activities. However the carbon and chemical economies that green salvationists want to curtail are the very basis for the world's improving conditions.
  9. classical liberals believe government policy must ignore the ______ and preserve the general conditions that have brought us to this state of achievement, not destroy them.
  10. Neo-conservatism
    is an ideology that emerged in the UD in the 1950s and 1960s as a reaction against modern liberal principles favoring instead a return to the values of classical liberalism. Neo-conservatives generally believe that economic growth can be stimulated by cutting taxes and that government involvement in economic markets should be limited.
  11. foreign policy
    is the course of action taken by a country in its relations with others countries.
  12. Neo-conservative ideas about foreign policy include:
    • patriotism
    • a large country needs a military to protects its international interests
    • democratic capitalism should be promoted internationally
    • world government is not a good idea
  13. The world Trade Organization (WTO) and International Monetary Fund (IMF)
    promote free trade and reducing the tariffs, concessions, and regulations by which government involves itself in commerce.
  14. Christian Right
    is a term used to describe a coalition of a conservative groups in any liberal democracy that focuses on applying Christian beliefs to public policy. Their members generally, support the rights of the unborn, believe heterosexual married parent's create the best environment for children, support legislation against violent content on TV, and believe that prayer should be allowed in schools. (Traditional Morality)
  15. Civil Disobedience
    is when people knowingly violate the law because they believe it to be unjust. E.g. Mahatma Ghandi, Martin Luther King Jr.
  16. Martial Law
    • is when the government suspends civil liberties and rules by decree. People can be arrested without warrant and imprisoned without trial. 
    • (i) 1970 FLQ Crisis War Measures Act
    • (ii) 1942 Japanese Canadian Internment WWII
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